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Should You Trim, Shave Or Keep It Natural? All About The Bush

Should You Trim, Shave Or Keep It Natural? All About The Bush

Should You Trim, Shave Or Keep It Natural? All About The Bush

Isn’t this the question we keep on asking ourselves: whether to let it grow or bare it all down there? Well, it just depends on what you like (and what your man likes 😉 ) It is found in a study that more than 80% of the women prefer to go all clean down there. So which one would you go for? Still confused? Don’t be; let’s go through the pros and cons of all sides. Read on to know more:

Should You Trim, Shave Or Keep It Natural? All About The Bush

Shaving- Going Bush-Free

Baring it all has its own pros and cons. You can go bush free either by shaving it at home or waxing it Brazilian.

Pros Of Baring It All

#All smooth and sexy

Once you get a Brazilian wax done, you’ll be left all bare down there and it is such an amazing feeling, of course after the pain goes down. Even the clothes you wear will feel slippery on you. You’ll feel all princess-y because of the softness down there.

#Super clean

Who doesn’t like a clean field? It is more attractive when things are clean; same applies to our body too. When you get your bikini area waxed, visually it will be more attractive for your partner. And when it comes to going oral down there, the giver will totally enjoy it and that way it is more pleasurable to you.

#The penis looks bigger

Yes, this is a pro for men. Men, if you wax it down there –not only does it make you look clean but it makes your penis look bigger. It is good for women too when they have to give you a head.

#You can see what you do

You know what I mean. When the vagina is fully shaved, the man or even you can clearly see what’s happening. It’s worth mentioning here because some men and women love to watch what they make other’s feel.

Cons Of Baring It All

#The dangers of shaving

If you have ever shaved your genitals or even your legs and hands you might know this that shaving can give you cuts. Even though you are careful you somehow cut yourself. When it comes to shaving your vagina you have to be a lot more careful because it is tricky. The lips and the anal area are hard to shave. You have to go slow and be patient with it. [Read: Shaving vs waxing: Which one is better for you?]

#Prickly and itchy

One of the worst cons of going bare down south is that it gets extremely prickly and itchy after you get it waxed or shaved. You can’t even do it again until the pubes are about an at least ½ inch long. It is hard to bear with the prickliness for those two weeks. Even your partner has to bear the scraping due to it.

#One shaved hair comes back with 10 new ones

You might have heard women talk about it and might have given no ear to it. But sadly, it’s true. When you shave one hair it comes back with more hairs. Not only do they increase in number but they are even harsh and rough than before. Sometimes, shaving does suck.

#Ingrown hairs and bumps

Shaving hairs also lead to ingrown hairs which are small painful suckers. These are the hairs that grow back in an improper way after they have been cut, curl back into the skin and create a bump. It is also a con to baring it all and going bush free.

#Care for it

You have to take care of your genitals constantly. Some people have higher hair growth than others and that’s why whenever they get waxing done they have to care for it. Every morning they will be faced with more hairs and that can be pretty annoying.

#The pain

Who likes pain down there? They yank out the hair completely from your vagina with a wax strip so the pain is given. Some find it bearable while some do not and not to mention the fact that you have to be bare waist down to get it done by a stranger.

Well, going bush free doesn’t come easy you see.

Keeping It Natural And Letting The Bush Grow

Should You Trim, Shave Or Keep It Natural? All About The Bush

There are few men and women who like the bush down south. There’s a reason why it was a trend in 70’s to let it grow. So what the good and the bad of keeping the bush grow giant? Let’s know

Pros To Letting The Bush Grow

#No extra haircare and other worries

It is quite a relief when you don’t have to add an extra thing on your daily to-do list, right? When you decide to leave the pubic hair just like that you don’t have to actually worry about razor cuts or burns or wax burns or even the expenses. You don’t have to take out extra time out of your routine to shave it up.

#Being an adult

Let’s be frank here. All of us have had hairs down there right from the age of 12 or so. Waxing does make our vagina more attractive but apart from the visual appearance, it doesn’t make any difference. That’s why it isn’t a problem at all if you prefer not going hairless down there.

#No irritation

Shaving and waxing the pubic hair often leads to irritation. When the hair grows back it starts to irritate the skin on our thighs and it makes us uncomfortable. But when you decide to keep the bush natural you don’t have to worry about the irritation.

Cons Of Letting The Bush Grow

#The woes of giving oral

If you are one of those people who loves getting oral then you should think about your partner. No one loves to have their mouth full of hair and if you want your partner get his mouth near your nether regions then keeping the bush is not a good idea. It might be fun and easy for you but it is not for those who give oral. [Read: 5 Ways to have better oral sex!]

#The odor that the bush retains

No matter how much you clean it down there, your hair is going to retain some smell. It is not exactly stinky but nonetheless, it retains the smell. It is worse when you are on your period. That’s why many girls hate to let the bush grow. [Read: Vaginal Odor irritating you lately? Here’s what you should do!]

#People are judgmental

Not that you go on displaying it to everyone, but in general, all of us know that society judges you when you decide to keep the bush. That’s the reason many people go for waxing and shaving, be it your armpits or your pubic hair. But you shouldn’t let people’s judgment change your choices.

Trimming The Bush

Trimming is probably the best of both the options that are baring it all or keeping it natural. Trimming your pubic hair means cutting it to the desired length or cleaning it up without getting rid of all the hairs.

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#Making it visually appealing

Trimming is the best because here you don’t have to worry about opening your legs in front of a stranger or worrying about the ingrown hairs. You can give it any shape you want using your creativity. Many women love to shave it shapes like heart and triangles to please the men in their life and you know what? Even men find it sexy and seductive.

#You have got the total control

You don’t have to give instructions to someone about what you want. You can shave in any manner you want. You can choose to just shave or trim the outer lips of the vagina or you may choose to just trim the bikini line, it is totally up to you. The choice is yours.

#Keeping it sexy

Should You Trim, Shave Or Keep It Natural? All About The Bush

A little bit of hair down there makes it sexier. Even though men are fans of the clean shaved vagina, they know that the hair grows back to be rough and prickly, which pricks them too. But trimming doesn’t make the hairs rough. They can enjoy the sex without worrying.

Cons Of Trimming

#Occasional ingrown hair

Truth to be told, there are no cons to trimming because you don’t actually get rid of all the hair. You also clean it time to time when you trim it. You can sometimes face the problem of ingrown hair, other than that it’s all good.

Don’t base your choice on the society’s acceptance of pubic hair. Base it on what you like or sometimes on what your partner likes to please him.

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