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Types of relationships

Types of relationships

Types of relationships


Types of relationships

Everyone believes their relationship is different yet different relationships have some similar characteristics. Relationships can be grouped into types and let’s find out in which one of these categories do you fit in!


The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in!


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Having said this,it’s going to be long before you find your perfect man/lady but if it’s your day, you might be lucky to find him/her this very evening. Who knows?


  • The Perfect Type–This type of relationship is the most difficult one to find. People in these kind of relationships love their partners immensely and get tormented if the other person backs out. Both of them are highly committed and look forward for a future together.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The “Open” type –In this type of relationship, both the male and the female are aware of the consequences of losing each other. They get together due to mutual interest such as cricket, politics, biology, loss of a lover etc. Their relationship fades once their interest begins to fade away. Now, if they are separated, they are hurt but they move on eventually.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The Logical type –People belonging to this type are well aware of their temporary sexual needs. They do indulge in intimate relationship but do not get too emotional about it. They don’t believe in love but may eventually start to love each other.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The Nervous Type – Most Indians belong to this type. They do not get intimate or do not get involved into any sexual activities. They are, sometimes aroused but keep their desires at bay. They wait for the perfect person to enter their lives and when that happens, they indulge in intimate activities only after marriage.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The Co-Dependent Type –People belonging to this type rely on their partners for decision making. They rely on their partners for financial purpose such as paying bills, shopping etc. People belonging to this type should really need to get on their feet otherwise when they are separated, they suffer a breakdown and confusion sets in.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The Needy Type –People belonging to this type are held together only because they gain something from each other. For eg, I might date a guy because he has social status and is good looking. There’s no true feelings for the other person as the relationship is build on shallow interests.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The Bossy Type – In this type, one partner dominates the other. He/She always orders you and expects you to follow his/her orders. There is love and lovemaking but gaining control over the other is more satisfying.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The Long distance Type–Physical pleasures are not experienced by both in this relationship. Partners meet and are held together through social networking sites and there’s no or little actual Face-to-Face communication. Emotional bonding is too strong but there are also strong chances of cheating or getting cheated.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • The Inadequate Type –bothPartners in this type seem to be happy but internally, there’s a volcano burning inside them. People around them consider them happy and perfect couples but both partners are frustrated, angry and annoyed with each other over some reason. Both love each other yet there are same grounds for hate. This type of relationship results in lot of hurt and is usually short-term.[su_spacer size=”40″]
  • TheForced Type – In this type, there’s no love, physical or emotional connection between the partners and they want to get separated yet they are held together due to compelling reasons such as kids, marriage or society. People under this type have affairs with people outside their marriage/relationship.


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