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Womennow in coversation with Celebrity Astrologer, Jai Madaan…

Womennow in coversation with Celebrity Astrologer, Jai Madaan…

Womennow in coversation with Celebrity Astrologer, Jai Madaan...

Womennow recently had the opportunity to interview Jai Madaan who has established herself as one of the most renowned astrologers, numerologists, palmists and a vaastu experts in India. She is also a well-known motivational speaker, relationship counsellor and she regularly conducts workshops to enhance the quality of life and relationships. An alumni of Miranda House- University of Delhi, she has done her Doctorate in ‘Spiritual Counselling’ from California Institute of Metaphysical Research. However, her spiritual journey began in the early years of her childhood when she developed a natural interest in tarot reading and went on to master these skills, along with face reading and hypnotherapy.

Womennow in coversation with Celebrity Astrologer, Jai Madaan...

Over the last 15 years, she has earned her reputation for providing the most comprehensive astrology predictions and remedies for problems related to health, wealth, job, career, marital issues and material success. She is also the relationship expert for Hindustan Times, Vivaah and Timeless Jewels magazines and has done programs on TV Channels, such as Sahara Samay, Sahara NCR, Pragya, Zee TV and India TV.


She has been featured by  leading magazines like Society, Savvy and Femina and is currently the columnist with  L’Officiel, The Man, Society, Vistara, Wedding Vows, Ravishing, The Pioneer and The Asian Age and has recently started hosting the ‘Family Guru’ show for India News and ‘AajaGoodluckNikale’ with India TV.


Tell us about your early years

Womennow in coversation with Celebrity Astrologer, Jai Madaan...

I have always believed your destiny chooses your line of work and your karma decides what you achieve. Born into a spiritual family i grew up listening to kirtans and spiritual discourses in the gurudwara, where i used to be accompanied by my mother. From an early age, i had a spiritual connect with god and when girls used to bunk school to watch movie or go out with friends, i used to dedicate all my spare time to attend kirtans at gurudwaras. My early years have been very spiritual and i developed and created a natural interest towards Tarot Reading at a very young age. After a lot of work & meditation i started Astrology, Face Reading, Motivational Speaking, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot card reading etc.



Any particular incident/experience that introduced you to the world of astrology?


When I was a child I had a vision while I was  sleeping that this is what I have  to do. It was like an ishaara from god. Ï dont have any degrees to flaunt; it’s just god’s grace. Allah meherban to gadha pehelvan, this is the reality. I used to have flashes of future events in my dreams and the events  used to unfold later on in the exact same manner. I just picked up tarot card one day, i haven’t learnt it from somewhere. I have slept with my cards. I have meditated with them in a very unique way.



How do you think stars can actually change the course of our lives?

Womennow in coversation with Celebrity Astrologer, Jai Madaan...

You have your own special chart, called a birth chart. It maps out the location of the stars at the time you were born. By looking at that map, you can find your secrets; that is, what makes youyou. When you learn the rhythm of the stars, you’ll know the best times to make a big career leap, to travel to a new city, or to settle down with your partner. Astrology gives you the advantage of knowing the cosmic weather ahead of time, just like checking your weather app in the morning. That way, you can prepare accordingly and dress for success.

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Looking back, do you recollect any particular setback to your journey?

I am a rebel in the industry. When i was introduced as an astrologer, a lot of people, who had  launched me opposed me later because i was not like a traditional astrologer, no kurta, no teeka, no stones. And i talk in a very crisp manner too. But god has always been with me on this journey, and by god’s grace I know I am on the right path.


Karma Vs. Stars: Can you share an experience where the latter won over the former?

Womennow in coversation with Celebrity Astrologer, Jai Madaan...

Definitely, infact I see this everyday playing out in the charts I read. For eg, if a person is really sick and it shows in the chart that his condition will not improve then the best way that the karma can play its part is if he does good deeds without any expectations. There are always remedies and freewill that a person can use to beat the stars. One should donate food and clothes generously and make it a routine to do so. It is extremely important to create good karma by following a routine and not expecting anything in return. One should donate regularly and anonymously and they will definitely see a change in their chart.


Womennow is happy to collaborate with her and wishes her the best for her future endeavors!

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