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What does the WOMENNOW SURVEY Say: What do you do when you get stressed?

What does the WOMENNOW SURVEY Say: What do you do when you get stressed?

What does the Womennow Survey Say: What do you do when you get stressed?

Stress has become our biggest enemy in today’s world. Not only has it disturbed the mental peace of millions around the globe, health issues arising because of stress are fast increasing. The most important factor then is how you choose to cope with it. We held a poll, asking our readers, “What do you do when you are stressed?”. The results, although not surprising, were alarming all the same. So, what should be the approach to deal with stress? Let’s find out.



The Response that Defines you

What does the Womennow Survey Say: What do you do when you get stressed?

The battle between the two extreme options ended in a tie. With a little tilt towards the ‘Burst out in Anger’ option, does it mean they are the only ones we need to focus on? Well, no. the point is not how you react, but how you deal with these things. We all have our own coping mechanisms to deal with stress. But do coping mechanisms serve the greater purpose? Even if you stay alone when you are stressed, it doesn’t mean the stress has left you. That is not an indicator of a healthy state of mind either. That is simply your coping mechanism. As long as stress has its way with your mind, no matter how you respond, you’ll still be the victim to its side effect. So, what should be the aim?



Finding Inner Peace


I know it has a very Zen-like sound to it, but it’s as true as it gets. The fact that you let stress get you, in whatever manner of response, is worrisome. Stress is not a necessary evil. It is a state of mind. We choose to enter this state of mind, unconsciously, when we fail to deal with things around us. You cannot be a fortune-teller, and know what to do about the troubles you will face. But you can always train your mind to not let it enter the state of stress. For that, you need a deep-rooted sense of inner peace.


In ‘The Book of Happiness’ by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Desmond Tutu, they say that,

“If there is no joy or happiness at the mental level, too much worrying, too much fear, then even physical comforts and pleasure will not soothe your mental discomfort.”


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Focus on mental happiness is of the utmost importance.



Ensuring Mental Happiness


Not that we know what we are aiming for, next comes the way to go about it. The first thing you need to do is work on your lifestyle. The food you eat, the number of hours you sleep, all contribute to your mental well-being far more than we understand. Next comes the importance of Yoga and Meditation. While one can always substitute any form of exercise for yoga, meditation has no alternative. It has been proven scientifically that meditation reduces stress significantly.


Last but not the least, is your state of mind. You are the master of what you think and feel. It is important that one stays aware of their emotions at all times. Try and rationalize with yourself. Don’t let stress rule you to an extent where you lose control of yourself. Start working on your inner peace, so that you don’t need a coping mechanism at all.

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