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17-year-old victim of acid attack needs your help

17-year-old victim of acid attack needs your help

It happened again! Like so many times in India, in Colombia, in other countries of the world – but especially in India! A 17-year-old girl is a victim of a horrific acid attack that destroyed her life and the life of her family.

Why? Because some idiots, some monsters, some disgusting beings – I cannot even say human beings – decided that they have the right to exercise power over her and throw acid. Horrible, horrible people like we unfortunately have many in the world and in our country.

But – we also have a lot of good and caring people – YOU! We need you to support those victims, we need you to support Kajal and help her finance the surgery. There will be many many surgeries. She will have to suffer a lot physically and mentally, but YOUR financial support could help her ease the pain a tiny little bit.

Please check out the campaign here (link) and donate – it is important and urgent!!

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