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19 Reasons to shave body hair

19 Reasons to shave body hair

19 Reasons why you should shave body hair

19 Reasons why you should shave body hair
Body hair, according to biology and medical science, grows on skin surface to protect it. But, whenever we speak of feminine beauty, we appreciate silken smooth skin.

Women keep on shaving their body hair only to look hot and sexy or there are some other reasons too? Check here 19 practical reasons that inspire women to shave body hair on a regular course.

  • Shave body hair for personal hygiene

It is medically proven that bacteria mostly reside in armpits, pubic hair because these are comparatively moist areas of the body. Shaving the hair can prevent the bacterial intrusion, which is really one of the main reasons that health conscious women prefer to remove them often by shaving.

  • It looks sophisticated conventionally

Since ages, women use to cherish their feminine charm with hairless bare skin. In old ages Egyptian women are known to pluck and shave their body hair at regular basis for maintaining skin beauty. The tradition is still on.

  • For the sake of modesty

Female body hair mostly belongs to pubic genre, and it is traditionally assumed that if exposed the sight mostly displays sensuality. This is one of the reasons women shave their body hair, especially from legs, pits, and bust region if any.

  • It looks good for knee length dresses

19 Reasons why you should shave body hair

Skinny legs look appealing. It looks graceful too. Ladies have their preference for knee length dresses often shave their body hair to maintain the skinny look.  Besides adding special allure it adds to glamour and clean look.

  • Clean look on hands and legs attracts men

We women love to enjoy special attention from men. For some unknown reasons men prefer clean and saved look of women, perhaps it ignites some special appeal for them. Unless madly feminist, we all love to cherish that sensuous feeling of men…being candid!!!

  • It adds a nice and smooth feeling

Although psychological, waxed body or hair aloof skin is a real pleasure to touch.  There is actually no need to get it appreciated by other men or women; self-satisfaction is one of the driving points that often instigate self-conscious women to shave or remove body hair.

  • It improves skin complexion

This is a passive reason, but indeed a potential one. Once body hair is removed, skin looks smooth and one level up fairer.  In tropical countries, there is a general fondness for fairness and shaving body hair helps to enjoy bright complexion naturally.

  • Pampering emotional relaxation

19 Reasons why you should shave body hair

Body shaving and removal of body hair offers a unique emotional support for most of women. The clean look and silky smooth texture of skin ignites confidence.

Most of the silver screen divas are seen with clean shaved skin with least trace of body hair; the same look and silky feeling add an exceptional elevated comfort, which no one wants to spare. Have you felt the hang? If not, try it today!

  • It enhances feminine beauty

Body hair grows in unwanted areas like face, neck region, and often in bust areas of women. Skillful removal of hairs from these areas enhances feminine charm. This is mostly done by trained beauticians where threading is used instead of using conventional modes such as wet shaving. But it adds beauty…believe us!!

  • Unwanted hair removal from eyebrow

Body hairs grow in eye brow zone too and make eyebrows bushy and clumsy. Skillful removal of unwanted hair from eyebrow induces tailor made look and it adds sharpness in facial profile. Beauty conscious ladies may try the trick to enhance their facial appeal.

In fact, removal of unwanted body hair from eyebrow is a worldwide fashion trend now and women from all religion do practice the trick for giving their eyebrows a gorgeous look.

  • Shaving body hair reduces the tendency of body odor

Body odor is one of the most irritating issues women and men suffer without any specific reason. However, in most of the cases, it happens due to unwanted bacterial inaction. Areas such as armpit, intimate areas, etc. mostly get affected by bacterial infection. Regular removal of body hair from these sensitive areas can help in reducing body stink naturally.

In tropical lands, body odor is a recurring problem due to enhanced humidity. Women can control their undue body odor simply by shaving hairs from these areas, which is a self-cleaning method as well as it is low cost too.

  • Removal of pubic hair from intimate area

Wearing swimsuit and bikini style outfits can be difficult if pubic hair are not trimmed or completely removed. Gorgeous women, confident to show their body often remove the unwanted hair in order to enjoy a more sensuous look.

Removal of pubic hair from intimate area is recommended for the sake of personal hygiene also. Regular removal of pubic hair eliminates body odor, reduces chance of bacterial infection, and alternatively, helps in enjoying better skin health.

  • Social pressure is one of the reasons

19 Reasons why you should shave body hair

Women take special care of the body hair because society imposes some unsaid rules. For example, display of body hair looks gross for a woman, a woman should not expose her legs with body hair, wearing sleeveless with body hair on pit is distasteful etc. are commonly believed and in a major way impacts common women.

No matter how many women are against these prohibitions, very few can go against bandwagon and that is one of the mental instigations woven indulge in shaving body hair. Sarcastically, very few feminists are found who can take the risk of getting tagged as an exception to this saving body hair customs.

  • Men hate body hair on females

You may scream or we may scream that “what if men hate body hair”? But in actual life, we all love to be cuddled, praised and adored by our men counterparts. Nothing to be embarrassed as it is a universal instinct. As a man wants to be adored by females, a female enjoys same satisfaction if she gets similar appreciation from men around.

If shaving body hair adds to the sensuality and level of attraction, why not to apply the simple trick? Perhaps this basic instinct inspires self-conscious women to shave their body hair.

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  • Once it is done it needs to be maintained

This is applicable for all types of body hair. If you start removing unwanted hair from your eyebrow or pit, the effect will be the same. Once it is done, you need to maintain the look.

  • Shaving is more convenient and cost efficient

Waxing is a professional alternative of shaving, but it is expensive and cannot be done by personal effort. You need to hire a trained beautician to remove body hair in this way. Alternatively, shaving body hair is time efficient process; it is done by self-help method, and is a low cost one.

  • Shaving vs. Chemical treatment

Application of chemical hair removal products is really not good for skin; no matter how attractive are the advertisements aired frequently. It may induce unsightly bad patch on skin as well as regular use of these chemical based products can spoil skin smoothness.

  • Shaving is an easier process

19 Reasons why you should shave body hair

Shaving body hair is an easy process.  It can be done anytime and anywhere with a good quality razor. Nowadays women razors are available, which are safe to use and completely hygienic. However, it is strictly recommended to maintain personal razor and not to share the tool with other.

  • Waxing can induce skin abscesses

In waxing method there is a chance to get tiny skin abscesses because you need to pull the hair from its root. On the other hand, shaving only trims the body hairs from the skin surface, which is safer process. Women with sensitive boil prone skin may find shaving body hair is a comfortable option for body hair removal process.

These are 19 in-depth reasons for women to shave body hair. So what is your method of body hair removing? Or you don’t remove them at all” share your opinion here.


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