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5 Reasons why sex-determination tests should be discouraged

5 Reasons why sex-determination tests should be discouraged

5 Reasons why sex-determination tests should be discouraged

5 Reasons why sex-determination tests should be discouraged


India is famous for demeaning the girl child. The aversion that patriarchal families carry with regard to her birth can be gauged by the number of families that are willing to do anything to find the sex of their unborn baby. Undergoing sonography tests to ensure that women do not give birth to girl child is a brutal practice. It is ironic that the progenitor of human race is herself denied the right to be born.  A lot of awareness revolving around the importance of daughters has been spread but families are adamant enough to flout the ban imposed on sexdetermination in our country. Read on to know some of the reasons why it is inhuman to conduct sexdetermination tests.


  • To respect the dignity of women

5 Reasons why sex-determination tests should be discouraged

It is very strange how society very conveniently forgets the rights of a woman and makes her go through unbearable pain and torture. If the fetus happens to be a girl, the woman is destined to suffer at the hands of her family members who blame the woman for producing a female offspring. The physical and mental health of a woman remains under jeopardy. She is neglected by her own family members during this crucial time and made to carry the burden of not producing a male heir for the family. It is time we treat women as humans who have emotions and the right to voice their opinions in issues that matter to them. They should not be treated as machines reserved for producing babies.


  • To keep a track of faulty doctors

Doctors, at one point of time, were placed next to God as they had the prowess of saving people’s lives. These days, however, the same doctors are misusing their powers and knowledge to tamper with God’s creation. Despite strict warnings from the government, doctors across the country do not flinch away from using sexdetermination techniques as an easy way to mint money. Putting them behind the bars is the best way to teach them a lesson and bring an end to this conundrum.


  • To work on the country’s skewed sex-ratio

5 Reasons why sex-determination tests should be discouraged

India cuts a sorry figure in terms of the sexratio it has. The wide gap between the number of boys and girls speaks volumes of how much we are in disdain with the idea of women getting empowered. Just letting them take birth is not the solution to end the gender inequality ingrained in our society since years. It is important to enhance the quality of lives they live by working on their nutritional status, literacy level and introducing employment opportunities for them to eke out a living.


  • Escalation of social crimes

Sexdetermination tests are the major reason behind a lot of social crimes that take place. If the baby in the womb happens to be a girl, families often kill her without. This cruel practice, called female feticide, contributes significantly to the dwindling number of girls in the country. According to a research, the time is not far when boys will have to grapple to find brides for themselves.


  • To teach people the importance of family planning

5 Reasons why sex-determination tests should be discouraged

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Family Planning requires a lot of attention in today’s times. Keeping the soaring population in mind, families must adopt family planning as a tool to limit the number of children they produce. Banning sexdetermination tests will force families to put a bar on the number of children they can have and help them lay more emphasis on bringing them up in a qualitative way


It is time we start acknowledging the role daughters can play in ensuring prosperity for the family as well as the nation. Families must refrain from belittling daughters by allowing them to be a part of this world which can become more beautiful with their values, knowledge and efforts.



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