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Is it the right time for you to have a baby?

Is it the right time for you to have a baby?

Is it the right time for you to have a baby?

Is it the right time for you to have a baby?

In Indian society, it is very common to see men-women readying for marriage as soon as they get a job and women compelled for pregnancy in a year or two past marriages. This is normally considered as the apt time for marriages and babies. Sadly, this is not how one should plan his/her marriage as the right time for marriages and baby is different for everyone.

In this article, we are discussing about the right age and time of having a baby. You all must be knowing that the risks of late childbirth and the pressure of it is the main reason why women fall prey to the idea of having a baby as early in marriages as possible. Thankfully, today the technologies have got increasingly advanced and age is certainly not a barrier to pregnancy.

So now what is left is the emotional readiness of the mind to foster a living with a baby. There are several factors your need to ponder upon before you make this decision.



Talk to the women around you who are mothers as it will you give you a deep insight into the real picture of parenthood. Exchange conversations with mothers who have just had a baby and ask them about their challenges. This exercise of dialogue will immensely help you in analyzing your position and whether or not you too can at the given point accommodate the idea of having a baby.



Is it the right time for you to have a baby?

Biggest mistakes women make is to quit their careers midway and make time for motherhood. That is not the right way to go with it. You must have prior planning and affirmation about what you expect from your career. Lack of career planning and goal orientation is the main reason why many women fail to make a comeback into their careers after having a baby. Since, there isn’t subsequent planning, women fail to strike a balance and eventually quit their jobs.



A woman’s body keeps changing, therefore, it is essential that that you visit your doctor regularly. Consult your gynecologist and get the basic know-how that which form of delivery will suit your body and if there are any complications that your body is likely to face during pregnancy.



Is it the right time for you to have a baby?

Beyond everything, this is the most important factor. You need to understand that there is a lot that goes into parenting a child. Ask yourself whether you are ready to take all that responsibility happily or not. Put up numerous questions for yourself and contemplate whether or not it is the right time for a baby. You also need to know that your partner has equal right in the decision making. Also, since families have an emotional connect with this matter, try discussing with them also.


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Now, who decides what the right age to have a baby is? Well! This is entirely dependent on the above four points. The right age varies. Foremost, do not think that the article intends to propagate the idea that ‘the later, the better’. No! How? Suppose a 21 year old women is working in a media house where her job is very cushy, she would probably feel that it is the right time to have a baby as she will be able to devote substantial time to her child in her 20s and later in her 30s devote time to her career when the child is older. Another reason could be that the energy and zeal that goes into parenting will also be present in her in her 20s as compared to her 30s.


As you can see that the right time is solely dependent on one’s individual circumstances and thinking. Planning is a very important aspect here as without properly discussed plans, things can turn upside down. Parenting a child means getting new surprises day-to-day and learning new lessons every day. Follow the above mentioned points and soon you will be mindful whether you are ready to rejoice parenthood or not!



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