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5 Signs You Are Lovesick And Ways To Overcome Lovesickness!

5 Signs You Are Lovesick And Ways To Overcome Lovesickness!

5 Signs You Are Lovesick And Ways To Overcome Lovesickness!

Lovesick is exactly opposite of being lovestruck. You might have heard about being lovesick here and there, but is it actually true? Yes, lovesickness is a real thing and there are lovesickness symptoms too. Lovesickness is a state of feeling low because of the lack of love in your life. You might be missing your loved ones or you might be longing love from someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. The feeling leaves you unsettled and devastated. You feel hopelessness for not experiencing the amount of love you think you deserve.

5 Signs You Are Lovesick And Ways To Overcome Lovesickness!

Once in a lifetime all of us might have experienced this failure, but for most of us, it might have been easy to bounce back to our normal self. There are few who can’t just forget this and get on with their normal life. They feel crushed and they carry the weight of this past all along with them for months and years, making them lovesick. It is hard to deal with unrequited love or one-sided love. And for the people who can’t just move on from it have a hard time dealing with this in their life. The feeling of emptiness and hopelessness is always there and no one can fill this void. Lovesickness can have a huge effect on the happiness of a person and their way of dealing with life.

How to get over lovesickness?


Signs Of Being Lovesick

It is hard to judge whether you are just sad over heartbreak or lovesick. Here are a few signs that might help you in finding out if you are really lovesick or on the borderline to be lovesick.


Isolating Yourself

5 Signs You Are Lovesick And Ways To Overcome Lovesickness!

Off lately you have been spending a lot of time with yourself and you don’t seem to spend it in the most cheerful way. You just do it because you seem to have lost interest in everything else. You feel like no one understands your pain and you distance yourself with everyone due to this.


Depressed And Tearful

You really don’t have any enthusiasm and are left with depressed thought. You just don’t feel like going out and enjoying life. You even end up crying from time to time thinking about how hopelessly in love you are with some person who just doesn’t return those feelings. You don’t feel like doing anything at all and just like isolating yourself from everything your life.


Snappy All The Time

You have a hell lot of mood swings these days. People around you are so confused with you. Your loved ones try to get you out of the depressed mood but you don’t like it. You feel annoyed and eventually, you snap at them, even though deep inside you know they just care for you but you can’t seem to help it. It is just hard for you to live without the person’s affection. It irritates you even worse when your friends and family ask you to get over it.

You Have An OCD

5 Signs You Are Lovesick And Ways To Overcome Lovesickness!

Yes, you seem to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with the person you seem to be in love with. You just can’t stop yourself from stalking them. Even though you know that the person you love doesn’t reciprocate your feelings you can’t help but adore them, care for them and stalk them. You seem to constantly keep on checking your phone hoping that the person will call you or text you.


Hoarding Them

Your love for the person knows no bounds. You seem to think about them all the time. You safeguard your memories like anything. You treasure gifts given by them even if it is just a paper. For you throwing away even a small wrapper of the chocolate given by them is huge, it is like betraying your love, that’s why you can’t get rid of anything related to them.


6 Ways To Overcome Lovesickness

Eventually, lovesickness takes a toll on you and you feel mental stress and tiredness. You also seem to notice that it affects your sleep and appetite, which by the way is not good for you. If you realize that it is affecting you badly, you really have to get out of it and find what’s best for you to move on from it. Here are a few ways which can help you in doing just that.


Get Rid Of The Clutter

I know this might be the hardest thing you have to do, but you have to do it. You need a clean slate to move on and that’s why you have to start by getting rid of all the things that remind you of your lover or unrequited love. Flush down the memories or burn the pictures and eventually, you’ll feel better. You also need to get rid of the memories online. Go through your profiles and delete the memories. You really have to stop moping over someone who left you long back.



It is obvious that the person has played an important part in your life and you just can’t delete them with a swipe. It is completely normal for you to think about them once in a while and you can’t stop yourself from having thoughts about them. Try reducing them but don’t block them totally. Try and think why it never worked out for you and accept the fact that it was probably for the best.


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Try And See Their Flaws

I m not asking you to hate them, that’s not right. Just try to look at their flaws. You might find it hard because you might seem to justify their flaws and bad actions with an answer of your own, obviously because you loved them. When you love someone you kind of ignore their flaws. But for now, it is best for you to see their flaws and realize that the person is just not as awesome as you thought he/she was.


Be Productive

As a part of lovesickness, you might have been isolating yourself a lot lately. But for you to get out of it, you need to start being productive. What is the use of mopping around and wasting time when you know the person just doesn’t love you back? Instead, why not use the time to be more productive and pave the path for a better you. Start with the things you have been ignoring for a while now. You can even include the things you have been meaning to do in your life because it is a good way to start fresh.


Be Social

5 Signs You Are Lovesick And Ways To Overcome Lovesickness!

Isolating yourself is not going to do you any good, it is not going to get you the love which you are longing for. As soon as you realize this, the better it is for you. Being lovesick and moping around is just holding you back. Stop limiting your thoughts to one person. Open up to your friends and family, start going out with them like you used to. Get back to your normal self. Enjoy the beauty of nature by going out on walks. Along with it, don’t pressurize yourself to get into other relationship. Accept that it takes time to overcome your feelings for someone but never stop trying. Just go with the flow.


Be Positive

Don’t let negative thoughts crowd your mind. So what if one person couldn’t love you back? What is wrong with being single for some time? Be positive and think positive. It is not like you are going to be alone all your life. Start accepting your life the way it is and try to do things for the betterment of your life. Don’t be hung up on just one person, as you can see it is getting you nowhere.

These are some signs of being lovesick and how to deal with lovesickness. If you have any comments let us know in the comments section below.



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