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5 Signs this person you are dating is terrible!

5 Signs this person you are dating is terrible!

5 Signs this person you are dating is a terrible!

Even the most seemingly perfect relationships can have one who appears too nice to be true but is in fact a terrible person to be with. This is the case with almost all relationships. Despite all the best efforts that you choose to put in this relationship, you will always end up being hurt. Such relationships rarely last. While changes are rarely possible in any human, the sooner you know about these terrible traits that your man possesses, the sooner you can get out of it; if not change him. Your partner may try to manipulate you into believing that he loves you while trying to conceal all the subtle signs that he is a terrible person. Nonetheless, here are a bunch of signs that you need to be in the lookout for if you wish to save yourself all the trauma later in life when these signs become very obvious:

5 Signs this person you are dating is a terrible!

They don’t think they are ever wrong:


As humans, we make mistakes. Some are reversible and some are not. Those who are empathetic accept the fact that they have made a mistake and will feel guilty about the harm that they cause to another person. If you are with someone who doesn’t admit to his mistakes and makes it seem like it’s no big deal, it’s not a good sign. He cares the least about the damage that his actions cause to other people. If he does this with other people, this will soon become an issue in your relationship for he cannot change the way he is.


He considers himself at the top of the world


He loves staying in a privileged position all the time. He cannot stand anyone moving past him taking the lead role. This person has no sense of equality and whatever it is you will never be treated at par. Let’s consider a situation where your partner treats you like a princess but is still intolerant towards people belonging to the lower strata or who have suffered mistreatment throughout centuries. Doesn’t that show his biasness? He might say everything that you feel nice about but if you notice that he isn’t nice to all regardless of their race, caste, gender, sex, etc. it should be a red flag for you.


He bad mouths people often

 5 Signs this person you are dating is a terrible!

All of us have done that. We like speaking about people, more often behind their backs. But if your partner does that quite often, then it is a sign that you shouldn’t ignore. Genuine people do not really speak bad about people let alone doing that behind their backs. Do you find your partner feeling good about badmouthing someone or does he do that just for the sake of venting his anger? If it is the former most of the time, then you have a terrible partner who doesn’t approve of anyone other than himself.


He uses humour to joke about people


Jokes are good. A good sense of humour can be attractive for a person who is looking for that in a relationship. However, if jokes become the medium of belittling or insulting people, it is too bad. Some people just like to say things in the garb of humour so that they can avoid the consequences and get away with it. Freedom of speech is good till you don’t use it to ride roughshod over anyone. Also, mind the timing that he uses to do this.  It is important for you to be open to all these signs so that you can understand what’s done in bad taste.


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He is always looking for attention


We all like to have some attention wherever we go. After all, we like feeling important. However, if you have a serious attention seeking problem, all you will do whenever in a particular setup is to look for ways to be the centre of attention wherever you are. The situation becomes so toxic that he is with you and you also need his time as much as he is craving for it from everyone around. This speaks a lot about your partner who sees a himself above all everywhere and cannot accept to be treated mediocre anywhere. You need to be able to blend with all situations and not try and win everywhere. If it is the other way round then your partner is a terrible person.


He is always negative

5 Signs this person you are dating is a terrible!

It is okay to weigh all situations before deciding on something. But if your partner is always looking at the negative side, he will turn you against everything that you hold dear in your life. He will suck all the positivity out of you making you a puppet to all the decisions that he decides to take for you.



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