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5 things women hide from men

5 things women hide from men

Women are known to be great at expressing themselves when it comes to their feelings. They do not miss out on any detail when they are narrating an incident to you. But there are many aspects of their personality that will always stay hidden. For good.

5 things women hide from men

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So, when you are planning to enter in a relationship with a woman, you must prepare yourselves by knowing more about them. It will help you make sense of their mood swings and sudden emotional outbursts. The reason women always hide these five things from men is because they are scared that they might sound crazy.

So, find out what are those five things that they will always hide from you.

Spoiler alert: Surprises ahead!

They are crazy stalkers:

5 things women hide from men

They are perfectly eligible to be hired by FBI due to their amazing social media stalking skills. You can simply not fathom their power to find out everything about you through social media. Not only your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but they will also visit your LinkedIn profiles. This is the reason that when they decide to go out with you, they have solid reasons to do so.

They lie about their interest in Football:

They will ask you about your favorite footballer not because they are interested in football but because they might be trying to crack your Facebook password. So, never believe them when they show their fake enthusiasm in a football game. They might be doing this to persuade you to go shopping with them or to make you avoid talking to your female colleague.

Their friends are co-author of messages they send you:

5 things women hide from men

They will never tell you but most of their messages have been drafted by their BFF’S after intense observation and examination of screenshots of your conversation with her. So, what they tell you when they meet you in person is going to be different from what they text you. Better get used to this. Do not trust the messages they send you as they might be the thoughts of their BFF’s. So, if you want to be liked by her, you must pray that her BFF’S like you too.

What you say is recorded in their unforgettable memory:

Sometimes, you just say things like you will take them out for a dinner at some restaurant or you will get them a ring for their upcoming birthday. Days go by and you completely forget about what you said. They will not remind you but they will remember and will get pissed if you do not do as you told them. So, next time when they give you a silent treatment, it might be because you forgot to do what you told them. I will suggest you to take out time and try to recall.

They want to be pampered:


5 things women hide from men

Instagram Account: ashish.langade

Even though they always wanted to be strong independent women, they would love to be pampered. Waking up to tea made by you or coming home to find out you did the laundry so that they can rest will make them exultant. They will tell you to stop when you keep pampering them but in their hearts they say, please no! So, take them out for dinner more often and once in a blue moon, take them to a spa. You would be surprised at how lenient they become when you ask them for spending night out with your friends.

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So, all the men out there, Relax and take a sigh of relief because even though they will always stay a mystery, you have successfully figured out major things they will hide from you.


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