Pregnancy Myths Busted!

Pregnancy Myths Busted!

Pregnancy Myths Busted!


Being pregnant is a blessing. However, it can also be a nerve- wrecking time. Every parent wants to be the best for their child, provide him good nourishment and bring their child up with all the love and care. However, a number of conceptions can cloud your judgement in the process. Different people have different experiences. So, do not believe every advice that’s given to you unless it is proven. Here are a few weird pregnancy myths that have been around for so long that everyone has started believing in them. Debunk the myths here:


Abstain from sexual activity when pregnant

Having sex during pregnancy is quite a taboo. This is so ingrained in the minds of people that a number of them are left out from engaging in physical intimacy with their partners. Often women feel terribly uneasy lacking in confidence to initiate any sexual activity. Also, many believe that having sex will hurt the baby or may be the mother. There’s absolutely no need to fear having sex. You can discuss with your doctor. Your baby is absolutely protected in your womb. You partner cannot get so deep and hurt the baby. So, embrace your partner and make love fearlessly.


Your first baby will be delivered late

Women are often told that if they are pregnant for the first time, the gestation period will be longer. That the first baby will take a longer time to get delivered. This is quite easy for people to believe since being pregnant puts your body under stress. And the first time is unique. However, there is no substantial proof of this. It is different for different people. Your baby will be delivered only when it’s time. Neither you nor your doctor can be absolutely sure about it.


If your due date has passed, have something spicy!

Pregnancy Myths Busted!

You might have heard people being advised to have spicy, rich food to induce labour. Well this has little truth in it. You will only add to your heartburns or acidity with that without making your baby come out. When it’s time, the baby will pop out. Hence, have something healthy and fresh, it will make you feel better among all the discomfort.


If you suffer from acidity, your child has a full head of hair

This is absolutely farce and hilarious too. Now how does this connection come about? Medical knowledge says that heartburn during pregnancy is a result of womb being pressed to the stomach by the baby. In the process, it triggers hormonal changes and oesophageal tract forces the stomach to release acids.


The reality is, women who suffer from heartburns generally give birth to children with little or no hair!


If you crave sweets, a baby girl is on her way!

Pregnancy Myths Busted!

Many believe that your food cravings are strongly attached to the sex your baby will be born into. That if you frequently wish to have sugary stuff like chocolates, ice creams or sweetmeats, your baby is a girl. If you crave something spicy or salty; it’s a baby boy.


However, this is just a sheer myth with no concrete proof of being true. What you crave during pregnancy varies from person to person depending on their taste buds and food choices.


Thunderstorms and Lightning can make you labor

Old people believe that weather can influence your due date. On a rainy, thunderous night; you are more likely to deliver your baby even if you are not expecting it anytime soon.

In reality, it’s your menstrual cycle that determines when you will deliver. You will deliver sooner if your menstrual cycle is short and vice versa.


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