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Skin Care Routine for your Baby

Skin Care Routine for your Baby

Skin Care for your baby

Skin Care for your baby

To say that a baby’s skin is delicate would be an understatement. Babies are known for having super soft skin and women all around the world strive to get that baby soft skin. It is a very common strategy while marketing cosmetic products nowadays. This post is about the skin care routine for babies. To preserve that soft skin babies have naturally, mothers use all sorts of products. This is a simple guide for new mothers to follow while taking care of their new born. Babies deserve the best we can offer them.

Babies have a natural glow to their skin and mothers should aim at such a routine for the baby that preserves this glow for as long as possible. Skin problems developed at this age can last for life and are very difficult to deal with. Babies are very prone to infections when they are born as, they are still not used to the environment outside the mother’s womb. Following a skin routine is essential for the baby’s happiness.

The following is a basic baby routine which mothers should follow to protect their beautiful babies.

Face cream: You have to protect the cuteness of the baby cheeks for as long as possible. That is what usually gets most mothers through, when the baby start crying at 4 am.

Skin cream/lotion: This is separate from the face cream, as with adult moisturizers. This is used on the body.

Diaper rash cream: This cream is specifically for the baby’s bottom. The diaper rubbing against the baby’s skin can cause rashes. This cream is specifically to prevent that.

Diaper powder: This is an antiseptic powder that must be put on the baby’s bottom, before putting the diaper on. This will prevent any infections and also prevent rashes from getting infected.

Face/body powder: This powder is to keep the baby cool and dry. This is put after moisturizing, so the baby does not become greasy and develop a yeast infection.

Even though the products used on a baby are very similar to the ones we adults use but, they should never ever be interchanged. Baby products are made specifically with the baby’s skin in mind. They are low on chemicals and have no harsh ingredients. The adult products are flavored and contain a lot of ingredients which can be really bad for a baby. Apart from the products, one must be very careful not to expose the baby to the sun for a long time. This is important because, the baby cannot handle being tanned. Their skin is not meant to be exposed to the sun directly. If it is winter season, switch on the heater in the room instead of making the baby lie under the sun. Similarly, during the summers don’t make the baby lie under the air conditioner vent as, that can give the baby something equivalent to a brain freeze.

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When putting powder on the baby, try covering his nose and throat area lightly. Breathing in powder on a regular basis is not a good idea. It can effect lung development.


Overall babies are delicate but, a little common sense goes a long way.

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