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Contemplating feelings of an unmarried woman

Contemplating feelings of an unmarried woman

unmarriesd women

Contemplating feelings of an unmarried woman

How many unmarried women ageing 28 and above have felt the questionable eyes of relatives tearing through their soul at every family event ? How many women have been asked “So when are you planning to settle down” from friends ?And tell me you have so not been given this golden advice to “not be choosy at this age.”

Many of you must have been thinking whats wrong with me ? Am I not attractive enough ?Am I not successful enough to bring that confidence into a man to settle down with me? Will I end up alone ?Seriously what is up ?

Let me tell you ,nothing is wrong with you, the problem is with this culturally indoctrinated society that has made you to believe that it is compulsory to have a man in life in order to feel accomplished spiritually and financially. A girl is imagined to have some problem if she refuses to get married or chooses her independence or work over marital ties.

Maybe we were too busy accomplishing our dreams, which can be of any form, from living our passions or attaining the job and the position we always wanted. Or maybe we tried enough but just couldn’t find the person we wanted to spend our whole life with. And nobody wants to settle for any lesser than we want , marrying the right guy has always been our dream since we were 6 yrs old, decorating that bride with beautiful bridal dresses and teaming up with the perfect toy groom .

But somehow the societal pressure has been making us feel just not so good enough to have those expectations. Its like the time bomb is ticking and somehow that grey hair and a little wrinkle on the eye has been that sound of tick tock every morning. Not to forget the biological clock, oops the best child bearing age is already blown past you beta get married already or you will end up childless. Not to forget that’s the same lady who has had her 4th child at the age of 45.

It’s like irrespective of your own identity or your accomplishments individually, you can only be respected if you are married.

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So let me sum this up real quick ,nobody can make you feel bad without your concern, the same woman who is eyeing you with judgemental looks fights to bed with her husband and secretly feels jealous of you because she couldn’t accomplish her dreams at your age because she succumbed to the societal pressures. The friends who are already married or engaged are either having an affair and are rethinking their life decisions.

So seriously just lay back and relax because this is a big life decision and be proud of yourself for not succumbing to those pressures and “settling down”( if you know what I mean ). Enjoy the ride and trust me waiting is better than regretting. So rejoice your singlehood and keep trying the fishes in the pond , variety is the spice of life 😉

-Single, double or triple learn to value oneself and one’s desires, dreams and wants. Always remember you were born a women and not just to Woo-men !


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