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5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

How is Halloween a great event to build relationships?

You will read all about it in this article.

But, first things first…

What is Halloween All About?

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

There is still some debate about the true origins of Halloween. Some believe that it originates from a Celtic pagan festival, called Samhain. This means “Summer’s End” and it celebrates the end of harvest season.

Others believe it is more spooky: during Halloween they say the next world and our world sort of merge, this is why spirits can come visit us. In older times people would offer food and drinks to the spirits, so that they would not destroy their crops. Or they would light bonfires to fend off any evil spirits.

So why do people dress up? Well, the origins of trick-or-treat come from 16th century Scotland, Ireland and Wales. People went from door-to-door in costume, asking for food in exchange for singing a song or reading a poem.

Then there are also the Christians, they would honor saints and pray for souls that would not yet have reached Heaven.


Why Building Relationships On Halloween Works

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

Halloween is one of the moments in the year that neighbors and families come together. What better way to get to know your neighbors and spend some time with your family as well? The night of trick-or-treat is especially good for getting to know your neighbors, as you can guide a group of kids, including your own children, from the neighborhood going from door to door.

So, you want to get to know your neighbors and build lasting relationships with them? Here follow 5 ways to help you build relationships on Halloween.


1- Going outside is not scary


One of the best ways to get to know people on Halloween is not by sitting inside and being annoyed every time the doorbell rings. Some people intentionally stay at home, they do not want anything to do with Halloween. They use the evening to clean their house or perhaps watch some television. The trick-or-treaters are annoying to them, because they disrupt what they are doing. Don’t become such a person! Instead embrace trick-or-treaters with a warm welcome. Perhaps you want to sit outside on your porch and great them. Use the time to get to know the people that come to your house.

Introduce yourself, or ask the kids about the costumes they are wearing. It’s a great way to get to know the kids better as well. And, if you are in the mood you can also dress up yourself. The kids might love it!


2- Give something to trick-or-treaters

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

Of course the kids that go from door-to-door are not doing that for no reason. They want candy!

One of the best ways to get to know the kids is to give some candy that stands out. What type of candy does best describe you or your family? How can you make a lasting impression with your candy?

Back in the days it was common that trick-or-treaters sang a song before they got any candy. Perhaps you can ask for the same thing. Or perhaps there is some other activity that they must perform, like hula hooping or howling like a wolf. In this way you stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Both the kids and their parents will remember this.


3- Be friendly and ask questions


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When trick-or-treaters come to your door it is always polite to be friendly. If you want to you can give them candy, as mentioned before. A proven way to build relationships is  to ask questions. Building a relationship is about getting to know each other. Be sure to ask both the kids and the parents questions. You could ask a lot of things.

You could ask the kids:

  • Did you scare someone this evening?
  • How many candy have you already collected?
  • What costume are you wearing? How did you get the idea for that?


You could ask the parents:

  • It’s fun to see everybody in Halloween costume. Have you been trick-or-treating the previous year also?
  • The whole neighborhood is in Halloween-style. Is it always like this on festivals and events?

4- Join the trick-or-treaters

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Halloween!

Instead of staying at home you could also join the trick-or-treaters and go from door-to-door (perhaps scoring some candy along the way). In this way you can be with your own kids and also get to know the kids of your neighborhood. Perhaps some other parents will join you as well. This is a perfect time to get to know each other.

5- Don’t stop after Halloween


Of course do not stop reaching out to your neighbors after Halloween. If you truly want to get to know them it does not stop here. If you and your neighbors are sincere about getting to know each other, than Halloween is just the start.

Perhaps after Halloween you can invite your neighbors over for a cup of coffee. Or perhaps your kids have made some new friends and they will be playing with their new friends from the neighborhood.

In this way Halloween is a perfect event to get to know the people around you and build better relationships.


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