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5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

Your skin sags as a result of loss of collagen and facial fat. Collagen is useful in giving your skin the elasticity and bounce. You facial skin is very delicate. With age, this collagen destroys causing you to look old and drained out. Although a natural process, skin sagging can be triggered by early menopause in women and an unhealthy lifestyle.


Long hours of outdoor exercise

5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

If you are a fitness enthusiast, remember to slather plenty of sunscreen on to your skin. This is necessary even if you happen to live in colder regions of the world. In the absence of a shield to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, collagen gets destroyed. Stay indoors between 11 am to 2pm when the rays of the sun directly fall on you. Sun exposure may just lead to sun tan for the moment but the underlying damage will emerge as you age.


Sleep on your back

5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

Take enough rest to help your body regain vitality after a tiring day and repair damaged cells. You need to have at least 8 Hours of peaceful sleep. If you are in the habit of tossing all night, you need to change that habit. You might have often found creases on your skin early in the morning when you see yourself in the mirror. These are wrinkles, which though harmless at a young age, can become permanent with time as you lose the elasticity of your skin. Your skin may not be in a position to bounce back to its original state.


Facial exercises can be helpful


A number of facial exercise can help you maintain your skin’s elasticity. Not just will the exercises tone your facial muscles but also keep sagging at bay. Other than that, a regular habit of brisk walking or gymming can help you stay younger for a longer time and help your skin stay supple and bouncy. Aim at losing not more than a kilo per week to prevent skin sag.


Reconsider your habits

5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

If you are a regular smoker or being passive for that matter can make you look much older. According to the British Journal of Dermatology, smoking around 20 cigarettes per day make accelerate skin ageing by ten years. Eat healthy, and drop that sugary junk. However, you can eat dark chocolate to reap the skin benefits of flavonoids. Carbs too can lead to a spike in your sugar levels which will not just affect your overall health but also sag your skin. Include foods rich in antioxidants and Omega3 fatty acids like fish, mango, dry fruits, flax seeds, avocado, nuts and cheese that will help in reversing the degenerating process of your skin. Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated and manage blood flow.


Follow a good skin care regimen

5 Ways to prevent skin sagging

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A number of cosmetics are available in the market. But don’t fall prey to anything that is a product of flashy marketing. Follow a regular cleansing, toning and moisturising routine. To fight skin sagging, look for creams rich in vitamin A, commonly known as retinol creams; shea butter and Vitamin C. Not just will it check ageing but also uneven skin tone which most Indian beauties frequently complain of.


Following a routine regularly will help you prevent the damage and keep your skin sag-free. Identify what’s wrong with your daily activities to fight skin sagging at the earliest.



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