5 Ways to save your marriage when you earn more than your spouse!

5 Ways to save your marriage when you earn more than your spouse!

 5 Ways to save your marriage when you earn more than your spouse!

Men and women react to money differently. they have different ideas and its important to talk about it, instead of pretending money is the same for everybody. The fact is, particularly for young ambitious females, the chances of finding an “equal” mate in terms of pay and education is statistically challenging. Plus statistically most young women out-earn young men.Though society is beginning to accept women working in theory, the gender imbalance in our culture may make it hard for individuals to adjust to the change..Lets discuss some hacks for this taboo.


Communicate with utmost honesty

5 Ways to save your marriage when you earn more than your spouse!

Communication is the key to solving this issue and the first step towards building a healthy relationship. When the woman in a marriage makes more money, it’s hard for each spouse to communicate how they feel about their traditional expectations of gender roles. No matter how progressive one claims himself to be, it is taken for granted that the male should be alpha and the woman beta. So talk to him, make him understand, this is the 21st century, I mean we all can outgrow such petty issues if the approach is correct.


Have equal amounts of household chores

If the two spouses work equal hours, but have different salaries, the higher-earning spouse should not penalize the other person for working in a lower-paying job. The spouse may want a higher-paying job, but has always been passed over for promotion, or, conversely, the spouse might be happy in the lower-paying job. Whatever the reason for the discrepancy in income levels, it shouldn’t be a point of contention. Share your household chores in a way that you both feel wanted, important and relevant.


Make clever financial decisions

5 Ways to save your marriage when you earn more than your spouse!

Your husband might feel a loss of power if you control all of the money. He might feel less of a man in the house as you are in control of all the money matters, and doesn’t make him a part of the decision making process. Giving control over money is like giving away one’s power. As money equates to power.However, as a married couple, you should be pooling your resources. Involve your husband in your financial decisions and discuss how you will join or separate your accounts. Consider who will make certain decisions, how you will share and how you will address individual spending.


Don’t dumb yourself to validate him

This is the worst sin one can do and never get away with it. When you are married you are a team, and each one knows about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Underplaying on your strengths just to make him feel significant and more contributing may bring more damage to your relationship rather than salvaging it. It may hurt his ego, and the damages could be drastic. Don’t ever downplay your contributions to the household in an effort to validate him. You shouldn’t have to dumb yourself down to make your husband feel important. Avoid this at any cost. Instead get him involved and praise him for his support and love. His contribution to your success, make him feel he is the reason behind your success.


Spend money together, indulge atleast once a month

5 Ways to save your marriage when you earn more than your spouse!

Go out on a date night. Spend money together. Always remember that the money earned  by any one of the spouse is money earned for the married couple and belongs to the couple. Indulge in crazy stuff, make memories and do not forget to love and validate each other.


Always remember you are a team and a team must work together, plan together, and be rewarded together. And for that you need nothing more than love, trust and faith.



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