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5 Ways to plump your lips!

5 Ways to plump your lips!

Woman's face kissing closeupYou always wanted thicker lips, without a surgery? Just try one of these amazing and easy alternatives. You will feel the difference straight away.



All you need for this one is your teethbrush and your favourite lip blam or vasaline. Just put a tiny bit of it on your teethbrush and instead of brushing your teeth start to brush your lips in a circle motion. Keep scrubbing for about two minutes. Additionally using cayenne pepper or cinnamon powder your lips will be bigger for few hours.


Lip Liner

The trick behind using a lip liner is basically to find that colour, which fits exactly your natural lip colour. The technique behind that trick is overdrawing, while smiling. Don´t exaggerate with the overdrawing. Have you finished the outlines, just colour your lips completely with the lip liner. In the end use a little bit of your favourite lip balm.



The dermaroller has microneedles, so they massage your lips. First use it vertically, then roll it horizontally over your lips. But watch out don´t press to hard. After rolling you can add oils or other sensetive lipcare.


Concealer Stick/ Fleshtone Lipliner

The trick behind that one is to use both of them. First concentrate on the centre of your lips, just fill in the middle area. Then blend everything, but keep the lightness along the centre. Then add as a finish a lipgloss.

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Lip Enhancing Tool

You find that tools for example online. One of those is called: Fullips lip plumping enhancer. It looks a little bit like lego item. That tool creates vacuum and provides the bloodflow in your lips. First put a little bit water on the edge of it. Put the tool on your mouth while sucking the air in for about ten seconds. After that time just blow the air out to let loose of the created vacuum. Your lips feel straight away thicker.



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