6 Kinds Of Complications During Pregnancy

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You might be pregnant or planning to be. It is necessary that you make yourself quite aware of what you will be going through. Only when you know, you can treat the symptom well. Ignorance might cause miscarriages which might put your life as well as that of the baby in danger.


Throughout your pregnancy, bleeding might have different connotations. However, if you experience severe bleeding or pain similar to that of menstrual cramps, it might signal the baby being implanted somewhere other than the uterus or even miscarriage. This could be dangerous and would require immediate medical attention.

Fewer movements of the baby

It is essential that you keep a count of the baby’s movement. This is proof that your baby is energetic and growing. Although you should generally have an idea as to whether you baby seems any less active, in general, doctors at the University of Texas Medical School suggest that a baby’s kicks must count to at least ten in every two hours. Call your doctor if you find things happening otherwise.

Early Contractions

If you experience contractions before your third trimester, visit your doctor. Pre mature baby tends to have complications and finds it difficult to survive. The doctor will have equipments to stop the baby from being delivered before time.

Water Breakage

If you feel a sudden gush of water flowing down between your legs, you might have broken your water. It may be mistaken for urine flowing out all of a sudden as a result of the general pressure on your bladder during pregnancy. But, if water continues to ooze out even after you pee, visit your doctor.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure may restrict blood flow to the uterus which carries oxygen and nutrients to the baby. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure before conceiving, consider getting it monitored throughout your pregnancy.

Other complications

If you experience severe nausea, vomiting, sudden weight loss, dehydration, tiredness or a faintish feeling; call your doctor. Not paying heed to these symptoms might cause premature delivery of the baby or might be signifiers of other diseases that the mother might have acquired and should consider herself checked for a safe delivery.

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