Get the Delight of Gleaming Eyes

Eyes gives a sight of your inner. Not only this, it contains a lot under the hood. It speaks your spot-on personality and benevolent mind or otherwise. Your lifestyle aurora becomes very much visible through your attire, body language and facial expressions. But, eyes plays the most significant role in this regard.

Eyes being the most sensitive human organ needs special care. To keep your eyes sparkling like babies, you should climb the stair of ideas below.

A Good Dose of Hydration:

For all seasons, out body needs perfect allowance of hydration. It is recommended to take eight glass of water a day. Is it enough? By hydrating your eyes, I actually mean to give your eyes a good rest. Consistent use of tech gadgets like smartphones, iPads, laptops etc, takes away the hydrated portion of our eyes leaving them dull and dreary.

Refrain yourself from continuous use of smart devices. Do not stare at laptop/desktop’s screen for too long. But, in case you can avoid this situation because of your work type then blink often. This will help you avoiding your eyes from being dried. I would suggest you to take a short break of just few minutes, from your computer screen after an hour at least.

As you go to bed after a busy day, put rose water in your eyes; 2 drops each. It will clean and hydrate your eyes.


A Bout of Massage:

Gentle massage is another incredible way to add tranquility and spark to your eyes. It will promote blood circulation to the eyes, which in turn will aid in reducing eye strain. Moreover, it will help to prevents fine lines.

Take essential oil (olive or coconut) and pour few drops on your fingertips. With gentle rub, start to massage eyes inner corners with movement toward your brows centers and then the outer corners. Do it for 10-15 minutes, at least once a day, with soft hands. Do not forget to massage just below the eyes.


Amla Remedial Measure:

Amla isn’t for hair only. You can use it for sparkling eyes as well. Take one teaspoon of dry amla and soak it in a standard cup of water. Leave it overnight. Strain well in the morning and then add another cup of water. Wash your eyes, every morning, with this solution. Within few days, you will start to notice your eyes sparkling. Make your eyes feel fresh and look bright with amla solution.


Implement Eyes Workout:

Workout is little heavy word. Isn’t it? Don’t freak-out. It simply means to follow a set routine of easy-to-go and mild exercises for eyes. Just as body muscles strain out, our eyes feel the same.

Let’s relax your eyes with simple exercises that you can do even at your workplace. Take a pencil or pen, focus on the tip and now move it vertically as well as horizontally right in front of your eyes. Few minutes would be enough and your eyes will be relaxed. For better results, do it before going to bed.


Mint, Honey and Almond Oil:

Crush few mint leaves and mix some water in it. A kind of mint juice is ready. Add few drops of almond oil and honey in it. Just before landing on bed at night, apply this mix on your eyes. Wash after around 10 minutes. This will energize your eyes and also helps getting rid of dark circles.



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