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Summer Sunglasses Trends 2015

Summer Sunglasses Trends 2015

Summer Sunglasses Trends 2015Summer Sunglasses Trends 2015:

Summer is here and for me it’s officially sunglasses season.  Eyes being one of the most sensitive human organs need extra care. Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory you need to put on while going out to face scorching heat. Always stash one in your handbag to transform your look from boring to classy, chic or funky.

  1. Oversized Sunglasses:

Best suitable for the oval, square and round faces, oversized sunglasses are all in the trend this summer. Often comes in lightweight and plastic body, oversized shapes are going to make a statement this summer. It is a great option for hot and sticky summer days as its gives you supreme protection from sun rays by covering maximum part of your face.

If you want taking pleasure in wraparound sports styles then set your sights on oversized polarized sunglasses. A fine pair in color of your choice will definitely make all your outdoor summer adventures look chic.

Believe me big shield frames will never disappoint you. If round frames don’t fascinate you, then give a try to large sized butterfly frames the best suitable for round faces. Trust me big round framed sunglasses look too cool on heart shaped faces. I am a big fan of oversized pair of Burberries for makeup-less days.

  1. Cat-Eye sunglasses

My favorite perk-Cat Eye sunglasses. Craze for the cat eye sunglasses is mainly because of its cool wear-ability feature for a wide range of faces. If you are a retro woman, then cat-eye specs will surely appeal to you. Bring charm to your look with novelty styles of cat-eye sunglasses. It’s a perfect add-on for heart shaped faces as it brings attention downward helping elongate your face.

  1. Mirrored Sunglasses

Get your hands on this summer’s hottest trend. Mirrored sunglasses are the life of the party this summer. I love Gibbon’s killer retro shape and the comfortable fit it offers to oval and square faces specifically. For simple and sleek look, go for smoke lenses, but for funky taste you can add the flair with the mirrored lenses. Fresh up with year’s most trendy and colorful mirrors ranging from mirrored retro square styles to mirrored round, mirrored aviators and much more.

  1. Aviators Sunglasses:

Over the past few years fashion trends have extended the potential for variety of eyewear. But the trend that is certainly here to stay for long is Aviator Sunglasses. It’s one of the hottest items much loved my Hollywood to Bollywood celebrities. Available in both plastic and metal styles, for instance, aluminum frames, Aviator sunglasses are all over this summer’s dashing runways.

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I already possess two great pairs of sunglasses, but this cannot hold me back as I always look for a new pair of sunnies every season. This summer I have had my eye on a pair of classic Ray Bon Aviator. If you do not want a thick plastic frame resting across your brow then a pair of aluminum framed Aviator sunglasses with a top bar over the bridge making it sturdier is surely for you.

  1. Clear Frames with Colored Lenses:

Whoever says that clear frame specs with colored lenses are baby sunglasses, is so wrong. Clear frames with colorful range of mirrors fall among the trendiest items this summer.  Women attract towards colorful frames, may be because they want everything matching to their outfits. But clear frames tend to look better and soft in style. Clear frames will pair flawlessly with any of your summer ensembles.

This summer, infuse with the sleek and flattering yet functional and trendiest specs.


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