6 Signs your husband still loves you a lot

6 Signs your husband still loves you a lot

Marriages are different than plain relationships or dating. In fact completely different. To sum up it’s harder. Have you been constantly wondering these days if your husband loves you anymore? Do you feel like nothing seems to work and you are constantly in the lookout for answers? Sometimes, you might be completely confused which will take a complete toll on your mental wellbeing.


Even if you feel like things are just working fine, the myth of forever lasting love is all the more broken these days. If you have reached a point where y9ou feel like your partner seems a little disinterested in you, then you must look out for the other signs as well which will assure you about your partner’s real feelings. Here are a few ways in which you could understand his love for you even if he may not say that he does often:


He does little chores without you asking for help:


Men aren’t that great at working on household chores. Especially if they are not used to doing so or haven’t lived alone ever. However, if they still choose to help you clean the kitchen or cook for you on days you are tired or simply help you chopping veggies and assemble all your ingredients to cook, then your man definitely loves you. It is his way of showing his love even though he may not choose to say it out loud.


He will be there whenever you need him


Have you found yourself in the worst of situations or may be a little bad situation but still find your man out there to rescue you? Does he leave whatever he is doing just so that you stay in peace? If your man shows that kind of protection towards you then he definitely loves you. Men love to be in control whenever they can and if they are specifically concerned about your needs then you have a month who is worth all the love.


He appreciates you in public

6 Signs your husband still loves you a lot

Have you heard people gossiping about how appreciative your husband is of all that you do? In fact, have you seen him going up to people are appreciating your success in front of them? No matter what your shortcomings are, he sees only your positives and that is a great sign to show that he loves you a lot. Men might gang up together a bad mouth their wives at times but if more often than not he speaks all the great things about you despite all the hardships that married couples like you go through, he still loves you to bits!


He stays in touch despite work commitments


So your husband might have a travel job or is busy most of the times of the year moving from one place to the other. Does he call you often? Does he share his whereabouts with you? If you have kids, does he make it a point to talk to them often and enquire about their studies or whatever that keeps them occupied? If he does so, you have a responsible man who thinks of his family on a priority basis. This is his way of saying how much he loves you for you mean the most to him.


He accepts his faults


Sometimes men just don’t want to take the blame if something goes wrong. In fact they find it harder to apologise than women. You have to agree on this: Saying ‘I a sorry’ is very hard. Especially if one has a huge ego. But if he accepts all the responsibility for his wrongdoing or little mistakes that he commits, then he is surely very caring about your emotions. He doesn’t want to hurt you intentionally and will do everything possible to make you feel better.


He cannot tolerate you being upset

6 Signs your husband still loves you a lot

Does he get upset seeing you upset? Does he make every little effort to see a smile on your face? Do you find him cracking stupid jokes when you are sad just so that he can divert your attention and make you laugh? If your man loves you, he will want to make everything right. Even when you have a fight and bursts out at you, and you cry, have you seen him melting down and trying to console you? If yes, then he definitely loves you a lot. If he doesn’t love you, no matter how much you cry he wouldn’t budge from his stand. All you will get from him is further resentment.


No matter how much a person tries if they love someone it will always be evident. So, hunt for the signs and you will be more appreciative of his love for you. Sometimes, people need not be vocal about their feelings. Their actions speak louder!

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