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6 Signs that tell he is just not that into you

6 Signs that tell he is just not that into you

6 signs hes not into you

6 Signs that tell he is just not that into you


Are you tired of figuring out if he is serious for you or not? You are not alone my friend; a lot of women have gone through the same situation at some part of their lives. We spend sleepless nights wondering where the relationship is actually going. Does he love me or just like me? Should I keep my hopes up or not? Why hasn’t he spoken the inevitable 3 golden words till now?

If you feel that something’s wrong with him and his behavior and these signs are prevalent in your relationship, it’s time to tell yourself the harsh truth that, He is just not that into you. It’s time to move on!


  1. Less talk, more sex

If he is only indulging in late night booty calls and only loves to talk dirty at night while ignoring your calls during the day because of his ‘busy schedule’, you need to be too busy for the night as well. It’s easy to tell if he is only wanting sex and not deeper than that by noticing his behavior in bed. Jumping the foreplay and ignoring the after sex cuddling are straight signs that he doesn’t feel affectionate with you. If he asks for phone sex on phone rather than asking how your day was, it’s time to ask him to walk away from your life.


  1. Doesn’t say the ‘L’ Word

It’s been months since you have dated him and he hasn’t felt the need to say ‘I love you’ to you till now. You have been waiting and waiting for that perfect moment where he expresses his feelings to you, where you feel that you hold some kind of importance in his life. I’ll ask you to do this one experiment and put an end to this confusion. Tell him you love him! It’s ok to express your feelings if you want something deeper out of this relationship. If the reply comes as Ok, thank you or if he simply ignores it, its time you ignore his phone calls and texts too!



  1. Doesn’t involve you in his future plans

No, this doesn’t mean that he should be calling you his future wife right away, but if he doesn’t even consider you being a part of his decisions about the future, for example if he is shifting to another city next month and simply resorts to telling you one day before the moving day, it’s a clear sign that you are not his priority and will never be. If a guy is serious he usually talks about things like ‘we will go to this place, we will travel to that place’ and he will usually share his fantasies using the ‘we’ word. But if it’s all about I, me and mine, ‘we’ usually drifts apart with time.



  1. Talks about other girls

This is a clear sign that he clearly doesn’t take his relationship with you seriously and that you should keep your feet to the ground and not expect him to go crazy in love with you. If he talks about having a small crush on his college friend or engages in conversation involving how hot this other women in his workplace is and worst of all if he asks advices from you to get to them , you need to run, run back to reality and RUN FAST!



  1. Doesn’t tell his friends about you

You cant stop gushing about the way he looked at your date night and you tell your girlfriends every second of that night. You upload pictures with him on social media with a cute quote but you notice his friends don’t even recognize you by your name let alone know your relationship with him. Stay away from those guys who love to keep you under their shadow and never introduce you to his friends.

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  1. If he doesn’t show signs of affection in public

He doesn’t believe in holding hands and even if he does he starts treating you like a total stranger if there is an encounter with his friends or family. If he is too afraid to show the world that he is dating you, you shouldn’t be too afraid of treating him like a stranger in your life too. He should be proud of having you. He should flaunt you in public and if he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t deserve you at all.


So my dear pretty ladies, sometimes you have to use your brains in order to protect your heart. And it’s only good riddance if a man doesn’t not love you as much as you love him. Happy dating to each and everyone J






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