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6 Signs you will probably never get married!

6 Signs you will probably never get married!

6 Signs you will probably never get married!

Whatever your views on marriage are, you will agree on one thing for sure and that is, having the dating culture made too easy, people are no longer serious about meaningful relationships. The idea of marriage is almost fading away in an era where all our needs are met just through a click and you don’t have to go through all the hassles of a married life. The promotion of the idea of one rightful choices have made it easier for people to skip through the institution of marriage.

No wonder we are more inclined towards having our needs fulfilled first before we head towards taking up someone else’s responsibility. Whether you want to or not, you are surely sending away these signals that tell people loud and clear that marriage will never be on the cards for you, at least till you don’t change these as soon as possible.


You are looking for the perfect man


The perfect man does not exist. Not even in your dreams should you be looking for him. Marriage is almost a gamble and you don’t feel ready to decide on getting married to an imperfect man. In fact you are so scared of committing to a single man all your life that you start making excuses of looking for perfection. This you do just to avoid the idea of marriage completely and to buy more time to live a comfortable life all by yourself. The good news is there is no harm in staying single all your life if this is what you seek. But the bad news is you are closing yourself to all the wonderful possibilities that you would experience if you agree to marriage. [Read: 6 Ways to love your single relationship status!]


You are indecisive about kids


You don’t believe that marriage is necessary if you wish to have kids. You want to adopt or have kids outside marriage and raise them on your own. You are still hung up between two choices of either being a single mother or not having any kid at all. While this is okay for the time being, you should analyse deeper if maybe after ten years you would yearn for a kid. If you are still happy with the idea of not waiting for a social sanction to decide on the child issue, it is your complete right to do so. [Read: 10 Things you should definitely do for yourself before having kids!]


You are scared of commitments

6 Signs you will probably never get married!

Dates sound good to you. But the moment things start taking a serious turn you run away at the speed of light. A relationship will require more of your time and it is a huge investment of your energy as well. SO, when you decide to stay in your comfort zone choosing to avoid all complications, you basically need no distraction whatsoever. You don’t wish to kill yourself with the criticisms, the patience and heartbreaks. You have no time for that serious stuff. Hence, even the idea of marriage is way out of your consideration. [Read: 6 Reasons why it’s okay to avoid a committed relationship!]


You are stuck on your past


You don’t see anything past your ex. You are still living in the hope that things will get better and he will come back to you. There is no affirmative thoughts in your head if at all you would ever be able to share that space with someone else. Sometimes, not just are you being able to but also unwilling to let anyone new enter your life. Blaming yourself is what you are repeatedly doing all the time and so you have given up on the idea of marriage unless your ex comes back. [Read:How to talk about your past relationships with your partner?]

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You are too busy with your career


You are absorbed full-time in the work that you do. Your work is your sole religion and you don’t want to devote you time and energy into anything else other than your career and other ambitions. For someone to even think of settling with you, you need to give them that time. If you are always moving and it is work that is all consuming of your energy, the other person will never be able to cope and will feel left out in the long run. This is why marriage will probably remain a distant dream as long as you don’t put a break. [Read: 10 Ways to keep your love life and career in balance?]


It’s your way or the highway!

6 Signs you will probably never get married!

You are so self- absorbed that you find it hard to even accommodate what the other person has to say. Everyone needs to abide by what you say and if not you completely shun them. If you are too rigid you close yourself to all the better possibilities of learning and growing up in life. It is not just about romantic relationships but everywhere else that you need to have an adaptable attitude if you wish to gain out of any relationship. For some time initially your stubborn character seems fine but nobody will really tolerate that every single day.

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