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6 Things you should have in common with your partner

6 Things you should have in common with your partner

6 Things you should have in common with your partner

You must have often come across this saying, “Opposites attract”. But how far does it stand true? As great as it sounds, let’s say this is difficult to be worked out. Whoever you date/ are in a relationship with, you should be able to share a few things in common if you wish to have a relationship that will sustain perfectly. Being with someone who isn’t similar in his views with you is like staying with someone you have no common grounds with. Don’t you think that is attracting unnecessary trouble?


Such a relationship is doomed with no future whatsoever. While differences will always stay for both of your are no clones but there should still be sufficient grounds where both of you stand on an equal footing. Here are a few things that you should be having in common with your partner in order to have a happy and fulfilling relationship: [Read: 7 common relationship mistakes]


The idea of marriage

6 Things you should have in common with your partner

Well, this is I guess the most important thing for a couple to have a common standing on. If you are someone who wishes to have a grand wedding and your partner is interested in a minimalistic one or may be just no marriage at all, you might feel like your ideas and dreams are threatened with this person. Some people see marriage as the ultimate culmination of one’s love life. That is, they have been looking forward to the grand day and if you partner shows no interest, you will be devastated. [Read: 6 Ways to make arranged marriages effective!]


The question of having kids


Too many couples have issues on the question of children. While one of them may not want to have kids ever, the other might be interested. This may not sound too complicated, but it will actually be a source of contention and will escalate into a bigger issue later. It can be increasingly difficult to survive with a partner who holds contrasting views with regard to the family plans that you have. [Read: 10 Things you should definitely do for yourself before having kids!]


Your social conduct


When you are with someone, you will have to make public appearances with this person. While he might just wish to stay home doing his thing, you might be the more outgoing one, a social butterfly who loves interacting with people. It might actually turn out to be pretty frustrating for you when your partner is not into something that makes you “you”. While this is workable, but one of your will be compromising on your core values in the event of different social conducts. [Read: 5 Pro-networking tips to game up your social life]


Your ambitions


It is pretty much difficult to survive with someone who lacks complete motivation to do something with his life while you are slogging hard to make ends meet. Also, if you have huge ambitions and your partner mocks you and puts you down while ridiculing your plans, you will be in deep trouble later when your resentment will take shape in different forms. Nobody like to be in a constant state of tension with someone they love. Initially things seem great when one of you is taking the compete charge but later difficulties will crop up when one of them is facing hurdles and the other one is solely dependent with no motivation at all. [Read: 7 Reasons why your relationship has become boring]

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6 Things you should have in common with your partner

This is probably an issue that is a slow poison. Everyone wants to have a good lifestyle. If you see him in your future plans, you should be able to have a common standing when it comes to your lifestyle because that will control all the other aspects of your life.  We want to be able to do things that we like and have our partners also approve or at least participate in that which interests us. Nobody wants to do things that doesn’t catch their attention and if your partner has to do that every day and struggle to keep you happy, your relationship will be strained with him. [Read: 6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!]


Your true nature


While every person and different with each one having their own set of unique interests and personalities, there are still some common traits that you should look for in your partner especially the thought process. If you are compassionate and kind, and your partner is rude and ill mannered, do you really think you will be able to survive no matter what kind of sparks fly initially? Compatibility is time tested. You have to be patient but not accept someone who you don’t share at least the same outlook with. You should have some idea of whether this person will be able to respect your wishes and opinions and vice versa. Build a future with someone you can be your truest self with. And not someone you have to compromise your life with. [Read: 6 Reasons you need to be friends before lovers!]


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