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6 Ways to make friends in a new city!

6 Ways to make friends in a new city!

6 Ways to make friends in a new city!

So you have recently moved in to a new city. A new city has its own set up which might be quite different from the place you have spent most of your life in. In order to feel quite at home you need to stay away from the stress that’s part of the situation you are in. Moving in not just means that you leave you friends and family behind but also shift all your belongings which itself is an uphill task.

6 Ways to make friends in a new city!

When I moved out I know how emotionally draining it was to be on your own with no one to spend time with or to ask for help when need be. It was initially very scary for me to socialise and the fear of being judged loomed large. Here are a few ways you could go about making new friends in the city:


Have a pet:

6 Ways to make friends in a new city!

Its more easier to make friends when you have a pet. This is especially true when you have dogs. People are naturally drawn towards them and if you can join a dog’s club or become a member it will be very easy to make friends who share the same love for dogs. Volunteer for organisations that work for dogs and you are sure to bump across people of your tribe. You will be able to converse with people of the same club. In another case, your pet could at least help you kill time if not make friends.


Speak with your co-workers:


In the office, you will be spending most of your time with your co-workers. Help them when need be, and join them up for a coffee for even lunch. You might be lucky if you find someone who comes from the same city that you come from and that might give you a reason to gel with very easily. Eventually you will spend more time with them even after office and that will help you bond well and get away with being alone.


Accept invitations:

 6 Ways to make friends in a new city!

Don’t reject or make excuses when you are invited to a place. Chances are not just do you strengthen the existing bond with the invitee but also make connections with the friends of your friend. Who knows you might actually get closer to the new people you meet! One friendship usually leads to the other so take advantage of this and make new friends.



Join a dating app:


The thing with these apps is you will have the choice to socialise with people of your liking. Most of the times people end up making great friends over these apps. If you actually find the love of your life, you might be lucky. If not, It’s okay to stay friends with the people you meet. Might be a little intimidating for some but this is a great way to meet new people and know the city. Natives of the place can join you and help you understand it well. Make plans and go out at events to interact with more people.


Join a gym:


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This will put you in touch with the locals. The regulars will interact and if you are the outgoing type, it won’t be difficult for you to initiate a conversation. This way you will not just have a workout partner, but also a friend.


Don’t miss the Happy Hours or a Girls’ night:

 6 Ways to make friends in a new city!

If you want to drink and make new friends you could possibly hit the bar on these days. After a couple of drinks people are more relaxed and it’s easier to strike up a conversation with them. You could try going alone to a bar instead of waiting for a group to join you.


Making friends needs effort. In fact. all relationships do. Most importantly, have a good body language. Be nice to people to speak with you. You just can’t expect people to take the initiative and speak to you when it is you who needs them. So, be open to people instead of staying inside the room and waiting for people to come to you. You don’t need to completely trust and share you deepest and darkest secrets with them. If you are reserved, it is quite unlikely that people would perceive you as a warm person who is open to conversations. You also need to go out enough for people to actually see you and know that there could possibly be a situation in which they could speak with you.


Nonetheless stay in touch. Don’t just let things stay the way they are without any intervention. Don’t forget people who have known you for long. If you really want to make new friends and maintain the friendships you need to be able to do justice to the ones that have been there for long.


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