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7 things happy couples say

7 things happy couples say

7 things happy couples say

7 things happy couple say

Ever wondered why some couples always stay happy?  Why is there a spark in their relationships despite the hard times? Seeing such couples might put you to a state of unrest as you tussle to decode your relationship errors. Well! We are making it easier for you by telling you the 7 things happy couples say to maintain distance from complications and pointless fights.

  • ‘I love you’

No wonder why these three words are called ‘magical’! Indeed, they are. It is pretty obvious that you love your partner but after the initial honeymoon period gets over, couples seldom say these words to each other. Declaring love that you have for one another is important and if you intend to declare it with a warm hug, then it can’t get any better!

  • We will sort this out’

Every relationship gets strangled at certain points and it can be hard. Obstacles will be plenty along your way but what is important is not to huff in the moment. Playing the blame game is nothing but inviting the worst. You have to remember you are in as a team and whatever comes in your way, you both have to wrestle it together.

  • ‘I hear what you are saying’

It is strange that how we tend to stop comprising of our ones we love the most when it’s time we need suggestions.  If we are used to someone, we likely stop listening to them. You must tune in with your partner and listen to them. By just listening to each other, you guys can come closer to each other.

  • ‘Thank You’

7 things happy couple say

Even when you know about the little yet significant things your partner does for you, you forget to acknowledge them. It is that little or a big thing that builds up a relationship and makes it harmonious to live in. Take time out to appreciate your partner and tell them how grateful you are to be with them.

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  • ‘I am sorry’

There is problem within us that we think that it is the saying of sorry that will decide who has the upper hand in a relationship and that problem residing in us is our ego. Our ego will never let us admit that we messed up. If you know it was you who made the mistake, say sorry. It will not only repair your relationship but also make you understand that your ego isn’t worth but a happy relationship indeed is

  • I am head over heals for you’

Love will only take you half way but love with passion will drive you a full course. Sometimes, passion goes missing from relationships and the thrill and the excitement of being with each other fades away. You must tell your partner how much you are crazy about them. Flirt with you partner, give compliments, cuddle with them and give them random kisses in admiration. This will be not less than revival.

  • You can do it’

It is essentially important to be supportive of your partner with their choices and desires. You must support and encourage your partner in following their dreams and goals. This showcases how much invested you are in each other’s happiness. So back their ambitions and be there for them in every step so that their winning thank you speech has your name on top (winks)!

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