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7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

Human trafficking is the unsolicited and illegitimate means by which human beings are sold off in exchange of money and other things precious for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others.

7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

Human Trafficking isn’t an issue that is common only in the developing countries, but it is a widespread problem that exists even in today’s modern world in the most developed countries as well.

While human trafficking is a complete annihilation of human rights which is a legal interest, it also very well speaks about the exploitation of the rights to live and to freedom for each of us expressing the poignancy and the seriousness of the matter.

How can our rights be taken away from us to such an extent that we attain the value of materialistic goods capable of being bought and sold? This throws a light on not only the legal loopholes that must be paid attention to but the overgrowing animalistic instinct and urges of the society of which we are a part.

This article will show you how we as a common mass can fight against the crime of human trafficking by adopting these simple means as our own:


Get your colleagues if you are a professional or your classmates if you’re still a student, to raise your voice against human trafficking. Come together and form an association to voice your concerns regarding the evils of human trafficking; sex trafficking, illegal child trafficking to put them up for adoption and other such sorts should be completely discouraged.

Create an active community that consists of members who are willing to take part in voicing their opinions against this unjust practice and also to raise awareness and take actions in combating the practice of human trafficking.

Set clear goals that your community group shall strive to achieve, then make yourself prominent among people by setting up meetings and sparking their interest into getting them to support you into your endeavour.


7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

You should have a rightful influence over the local politicians around your area with regard to the interest of the society’s wellbeing, by reporting to your local politicians any trace of human trafficking that you get a hint of and seeking the lawful steps to terminate it.

It is sometimes so hard to track down groups associated with such acts as that of human trafficking because in most cases they function in the garb of other professional functionaries – pharmaceuticals, garments stores and salons are examples of such functionaries.

It is important to hence be aware of what is happening in and around us and not turn a blind eye to anything that seems unusual or out of the box.


Raising awareness is one of the most crucial aspects at being able to fight against human trafficking, especially in the rural areas that are unaware of the ways various functionaries work by bluffing the innocent rural dwellers into something in order to meet their evil interests.

Especially teenage girls in the villages have fallen victim to such bluffing by young men who titillate them with artificial display of feelings and mould them into eloping with them to a faraway land granting them the false promise of togetherness. Majority of girls in the rural area have been subjected to sex trafficking in this manner.

Awareness is to be raised in order to prevent people from trusting too easily.

Awareness can be raised by speeches, show acting, placards, and other such means. This act of promoting awareness is best taken up by students of different institutions all over the country.


7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

It is essential to first understand what trafficking is all about in order to act against it. So if you are interested in actually voicing your opinions against the act of trafficking and are in fact looking to make your voice felt then you should go further into exploring deeper into the meanings of human trafficking not simply by arriving at the spot where you see it happening and taking it up to the higher authorities but by actually practically experiencing what it is like to be in a situation as this with full support from the law.

You need to make explorations and experience how this thing works in order to lash back against this evil in the best manner possible.

Jot your experiences down. Document everything and you might even present this extensively researched document during events of promoting awareness or simply before your group that strives to fight against human trafficking and add to the efficiency of the protest.

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7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

This is similar to working for an NGO. What you have to do is to expand your knowledge in this field, follow groups and organizations on social media that seek to check acts of trafficking.

You can start by asking to volunteer for such groups in order to gain experience in how things work and then once you’ve gained experience you can choose the roles you want to work as in fighting against human trafficking and achieving the desired goals.

It can be difficult to politically involve yourself completely in fighting against trafficking when you are involved with other professional work fields, especially private firms which in order to avoid any sort of conflict will talk you against it. So it is better that you find a job with an anti-trafficking organization to work freely.


7 Ways we can battle Human Trafficking!

However, if you are not sure as to whether you want to work in an anti-trafficking organization after all even though you are temporarily interested in raising awareness and voicing your opinion with regard to the same then you can opt for short term fellowships that are provided all over the world with respect to exploring all about trafficking so that you can participate in a short term volunteering programme whether in order to raise awareness or attack this act directly through specific goal oriented organizations.


Just as I mentioned in one of the previous points that a lot of professional functionaries promote human trafficking. You will find several business organizations resorting to cheap labour (forced labour and also child labour) to function.

These are the firms you need to ban by not looking to work with them. You can find out which firms promote and support taking advantage of cheap labour brought to them through means of human trafficking by checking the Department of Labour’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labour or Forced Labour, online.

You should not only curb yourself from joining one of these companies but you should also abolish the buying and using of the products produced by these business organizations.

These are a few simple ways to fight a battle against the social evil of human trafficking. Let us know if there are other ways you would want to contribute to this battle.

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