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8 Ways to keep a relationship going when there is no hope left

8 Ways to keep a relationship going when there is no hope left

8 Ways to keep a relationship going when there is no hope left

Your relationship doesn’t stay in an “all so great” phase forever. Sometimes, you go through these ups and downs and you might reach a point where you feel hopeless. When you feel that your relationship is nearing its end, you need to take action to save it. Hoping it will save itself is a blunder. What you need to know is relationships go through this phase because people stop making efforts. Boredom kicks in and they give up eventually. To ensure your relationship keeps going forever, you need to work on it. Remember, you are dealing with a human and humans tend to get bored sooner unless serious work is done to make things fun and lively.

8 Ways to keep a relationship going when there is no hope left

Learn to talk about the problem


Don’t just sit back and expect your partner to read your mind. You have to let him know what’s bothering you. Unless you talk you will never be able to come up with an effective solution to your problems. Let him know and listen to what he has to say about it. As much as you would like to share your troubles, you also need to cultivate the habit of listening.


Go out on a date


You may have been together for years now and obviously there is nothing new to know about him. However, to get the spark back, you need to plan sudden dates with him. Plan a surprise at his favourite place or maybe the one where you met each other first time. Relive those days you have spent together. You never know he might actually like what you did and appreciate your efforts.


Give all your attention to him


These days distractions are everywhere. Be it real people or even the social media. Take that time off and spend it with him without dividing your attention at multiple places. He should feel like he is all you need. Your efforts at saving the relationship need to be obvious. Go out for a walk maybe or play games indoor. Do things that engage both of you without a third party involved.


Let him know that you value him

 8 Ways to keep a relationship going when there is no hope left

Prioritize your relationship. Tell him how much you appreciate him. Talk about what you like in him the most. Compliment him. Let him know what he means to you. Remember the initial years when you did everything you could to convince him about your love? He might have mistaken your silence now as boredom. Every single day you see him you should express your love for him. Sometimes, people need to be reassured of the love you have for them. Let him know how his presence in your life made it better. You have to communicate everything that will awaken his feelings for you.


Change your sex routine


Has your sex life gotten monotonous? If it has, then this might be a problem. Try spicing it up. Learn something new which invigorates his passion. A boring sex life can kill the mood. Work on your skills. Or maybe watch porn together. The more you make him feel desirable, the more he hooks on to you. Try and analyse what went wrong down the road, what might have killed his interest. Work in those areas and you might just rediscover the lost spark!


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Accept your mistakes

 8 Ways to keep a relationship going when there is no hope left

Okay, you might not agree to this just right now. But think about it. Are you the one at fault. Have your habits pushed him to his shell? Did you lie to him about something? Do your actions make it difficult for him to open up to you? Are you a constant threat to his freedom? You have to be ready to share the blame. Admit it. Apologise to him. Promise to work on your mistakes. Let your actions show that you are sorry.


Engage in a new hobby together


Learn something new. Get him involved. Did he plan on learning how to play a guitar, but never could? Encourage him to learn it now. Did you wish to paint but never really gave it a try? Go for classes together. Couples that do things together, stay together. You will find a stronger bond in the relationship. It will add the fun element to your togetherness. Do things that make you forget the problems your relationship has gotten into.


Seek help from others


If there is someone who has known both of you since a long time, then ask them to help you out. Let them point out what makes things different for your relationship now than it was before. If needed, let a professional offer you some advice. Sometimes we are blinded by our ego and we refuse to accept our faults. A third party help can help you resolve our problems better.

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