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Love: Real Life Facts Of Actual Couples

Love: Real Life Facts Of Actual Couples

Love: Real Life Facts Of Actual Couples

Love: Real Life Facts Of Actual Couples

Make Talk, a Daily Habit

Don’t let yourself to end up so busy that you can’t spend even 15 minutes a day chatting with your wife. By the way, the most recent 15 minutes of your day when you’re totally depleted don’t count. If it’s possible, use dinnertime as a time of discussion. In case, your dinner doesn’t work, possibly it’s a five minute at lunch and 10 minutes sitting on the couch at night. This might look like a small thing, but it offers us 5 extra hours a week with each other and it’s among the best moments of your day.”


Act interested while your Better half has to say something

Notice I wrote “act.” I know the things that wives discuss could be exhausting, long winded, emotional or senseless (or all of the above). However, if you just act as though you care about what she is saying, it means everything to her. Simply picture yourself in a board room listening to a boring presentation by your manager. Act interested while your wife has to say something, not because the discussion is interesting, but because you adore your wife.


Call your wife once in a while

Love: Real Life Facts Of Actual Couples

Make a habit of calling your wife once a while and say that you miss her and just wanted to hear her voice. This will guarantee her that she remains in your thoughts, even when you are busy, and make her really happy.



Dance is something that around every wife loves to do with her better half. Start dancing with your wife occasionally. Simply put your arms around her waist and start humming. Have fun while you have this light moment all to yourselves.


Give her compliments

Whenever possible, give her compliments. Whether it’s for her good cooking or her dress, you must admire her or her beauty when it’s right.


Hug, cuddle, and kiss all over the day

Love: Real Life Facts Of Actual Couples

Don’t you remember the time when you were engaged and you used to hug her and kiss her again and again? Do that over and over again even now. Recall yourself to make love and court her actually with a love that seems endless.


Share a Show!

There’s a lot of tips out there about doing foolish things together, but at times we ALL like to take off our shoes, kick back, and zone out to the TV. It is always a good idea to watch a TV show together with your better half. It is not just good because it lets you spend some time with each other, but also gives you some topics of discussion.


Arrange for a Surprise Dinner

A surprise dinner out can go far. Your better half is sure to be tired for a couple of days consistently. It’s a good move that you know those dates and surprise her by offering her for dine out.


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 Cook Together

Love: Real Life Facts Of Actual Couples

“Make your habit to cook dinner together with your wife, every night. She mostly makes the vegetables or a salad. However, I do the meat. It’s around 30-45 minutes every night that we work together, and it’s every night.”


Don’t lose your temper with your wife

In case, you have to get loose a little, get away from her and do it so she won’t see it. When you calm down, then you can go back to her and spoil as you feel sorry for losing your temper.


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