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9 Signs that he loves you without saying it!

9 Signs that he loves you without saying it!

9 Signs that he loves you without saying it!

You might have often realised that your boyfriend or this particular person who claims to be in love with you and whom you equally like will not exactly fit into your definition of love or fulfill your expectations of a lover while this friend of yours will go out of his way to do things for you that you would generally expect from your lover, without ever being told what to do. Those are the times when you’re able to figure out what really means by love.

Take note of these subtle signs on how to know a guy loves you without saying it:

How to tell a guy loves you without him saying it?


As much as he loves to spend time with you, he understands the meaning of space and freedom. He will respect your private space and won’t intrude or push you to give him time when you want time to yourself. If he loves you he will know how to value your wants and choices.


He likes to be around you and if you especially find him around in public, then it’s a sure shot sign that he wants people to know that you’re together.


9 Signs that he loves you without saying it!

He loves talking to you and will want to attach his own opinions and beliefs to the things you say. He counter-questions you, shows curiosity and considers everything you say worthy of discussion because he wants to get to know you better.


Random texts once in a while within the day say that he is thinking about you shows the signs he likes you without saying it. He might send simple messages like “I am thinking about you”, or “Have you eaten?” [Read: 5 Unavoidable Signs he misses you a lot]


He has been paying heed to everything you’ve been saying to him, so that suddenly while you’re talking, he will draw reference from what you had told him months ago, and he remembers the exact statement you had put forth. He will also remember days he met you and shared amazing times together.


9 Signs that he loves you without saying it!

Be it your pet, a specific food joint or an art form; he will be drawn to what you find happiness in. He loves you and hence he loves everything about you.


Men devote private time to hobbies or leisure pursuits to rejuvenate. If they include you in their hobbies then it is taken that he considers you both as one whole. He loves to have you around and he finds joy in sharing his life with you.


On asking, he might go to a music workshop with you that you have been longing to attend, even if he understands nothing about music. He loves your company and he wants to get closer to you, so he tries to be a part of your life by engaging himself to the things that you are engaged with.


9 Signs that he loves you without saying it!

It doesn’t matter to him whether you guys actually do anything constructive. What matters is the togetherness. Your presence itself is enough to spend a good time. What you do or where you go doesn’t make much of a difference.


Love can express itself without the mere utterance of the term ‘love’ or of the phrase ‘I love you’. Have you ever felt any of these little signs?

One of the most precious moments in the life of a girl is listening those three magical words from the guy whom she is in love with. It’s utterly sweet and exciting to it from them. But, honestly, guys really are a tricky business. Guys usually don’t follow the regular ritual of confessing their love or do not express their emotions more often. But remember this doesn’t have to be taken as a fact that he doesn’t you. Guys have a different ways of expressing their love which could be different from being vocal all the time. Your guy may not be of a romantic sort but his heart may contain abundance of love for you. All you have to do is to comprehend his signs of him loving you without saying it.

Signs he wants to say it but is too scared

 It may happen that your guy is not conveying his sentiments as frequently as you want him to, but then there is also a possibility that he is scared. He actually might be a person who is not good at communicating his feelings and so the failure of not being expressive and impressive enough could possibly be refraining him. Or he perhaps has this fear of getting rejected and shows signs he likes you without saying it. But in spite of all these things, if a guy is truly into you, he would certainly be doing a number other things to show his concerns.

If you have a guy who sees every detail of yours, your face, your hairs and your body in an extremely beautiful way, then you are indeed a lucky one. This is certainly a sign that he loves you even when he is not saying it. This is how you can know if a guy loves you or not. Also, if he listens to everything you say or if you are always his priority, then he surely wants to say that he is loves you.

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There are certain emotions encrypted in his gestures when he takes care of your needs. So do not feel disheartened if he is not uttering those words from his mouth. There is so much more he is communicating when he is showing you these signs. Such signs are definitely conveying you that he loves you even when he is not saying it.


Is he close to saying ‘I love you’

 There are guys who do or come up with certain small gestures that are of great importance. Like, if the guy you are dating, frequently tries to hold your hand or tries to look into your eyes then he almost circumscribing around those three breathtaking words. These signs only mean that he loves you, even when he hasn’t said anything. If you have happened to catch him lovingly gazing at you, then there can’t be a better sign. He is very much close to saying that he loves you. [Read: 9 Things he will do during sex if he loves you]


How to get him to say ‘I love you’?

You would certainly be required to take an active part for making him confess his love. You have to explicitly show him that you also love him. This will make him shun aside all his fears or doubts vis-à-vis you.  You can delve into a conversation that will galvanise your man to say to L-word. You can also stimulate his subconscious by reminding him of love. Wearing red often will also stimulate his senses.  Give all your attempts to become his fantasy. You can play around with him, or be naughty and at the most you can give him a spectacular sex in order to stir up his emotions. Remember it shouldn’t be something which you normally do on the bed. It should be exciting enough to make him reach cloud nine. All this will make him blurt out; I love you in no time.


How long does it take him to say I love you?

If making him say ‘I love you’ is important, then equally important is the fact that he says it, only after reaching at the level when he is totally into you. Allow him to reach at that level of love and comfort. It has to arrive naturally. Anything less than that will only create problems in the long run. Being too early could also mean a red flag for you. If you have only known each other for a couple of weeks, when he says ‘I Love You’, he couldn’t really love you because he still doesn’t truly know you yet.

While there is no exact amount of time, the confession shouldn’t be too early or too late. Saying ‘I Love You’ is the milestone that represents a commitment. Nonetheless, allow your relationship to develop and unfold things with its own time.

Matters of heart are really complicated and as each person is different, each relationship can also be different. So, try not worrying if your guy is not regularly chanting ‘I love you’ to you. What truly important is that he sincerely feels for you from the bottom of his heart.


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