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9 Things to know before you fall in love with a Pisces man!

9 Things to know before you fall in love with a Pisces man!

9 Things to know before you fall in love with a Pisces man!

If you are a hopeless romantic, you need to be with a Pisces man. They are the most creative among the Zodiac signs. They are very caring and compassionate and tend to be emotional. The fact that they are the last in the Zodiac list, they tend to display characteristics of most of the other Zodiac signs that precedes it. A Pisces man has a strong intuition which means that he can get sentimental about issues often. They are more imaginary and seek happiness in their woven dreams than the reality more often. You might often be in a fix deciphering what he is really thinking. Here are a few ways you could love a Pisces man harder and better:

9 Things to know before you fall in love with a Pisces man!

What does a Pisces man expect from a lover?


They like to have an exclusively divine relationship with their partner. Just sharing your physical body is not what they expect from you, you have to be willing to share a part of your soul as well. They really dig deep connections being so emotional and sensitive in nature. Mysticism attracts them  and they share a tendency to connect love to the route of achieving divine revelation. They have their own dreams and they expect you to travel in their dreamland along with them. So, be more receptive to what they are really wanting from you.


How do they express their love for you?


The fact that they have an inherent creative nature, they will come up with highly imaginative ways to show their love. If you are very attracted by the romantic scenes on television, don’t worry a Pisces man can best fulfil all your fantasies in case he is madly in love with you. At times, you will be blown away at the way they will execute their plans when they take you out on surprise dates. Also, beware that they might even exaggerate their feelings more than they really do in reality. So, don’t get swayed for no reason and stay grounded. Let them not deceive you initially and unless you really trust them enough, stay guarded.


Mysterious women attract them

9 Things to know before you fall in love with a Pisces man!

They are very gentle but don’t get deceived by that as they have their own calculations. They like to have their own time finding the perfect one for themselves. You should allow them to enjoy the thrill and make them chase. Don’t control them for they won’t really pay heed to that. Let them get inspired through their own process of divine search as to what suits them the best instead of serving things to them forcefully. They like the mystery that a woman portrays and that can sometimes give them a hard time for they can fall in love with a wrong woman. Even then they will be perfectly devoted.


What turns them on sexually?


Being very romantic they like to take things slow. They enjoy foreplay. He will give his best to sexually satisfy you. Setting a good ambience while having sex is a priority. So if you are making love to a Pisces man, make sure you have aromatic candles in the room, the room is clean and fresh. If you wish to get more adventurous look for good interiors or probably something that overlooks the skyline. He will be blown away. They don’t really enjoy haphazard stuff so make sure you are able to display some level of creativity. They believe in a deep soul-to-soul connect and if you are in for tantric sex, give it a try with a Pisces man!


Most compatible signs with Pisces:


Libra, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus


Most incompatible sign with Pisces:



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How do they deal with their heart?


A Pisces man is absolutely tender. Just a simple thank you and please can make him feel so much appreciated. He will make all efforts to help you out when  in need. However, the fragility of their heart makes them vulnerable to tragic heartbreaks. Be sensitive towards them and concentrate on the little things and they will be yours. Be very careful about the way you handle their emotions.


 Respect for your freedom


They admire independent women, having absolutely no issues if their partner is better than them either financially or in qualifications. They tend to have lower ego issues than the other Zodiac signs. He will encourage you to achieve newer heights so you can fulfil your dreams and lead your life the way you want. They only expect you to understand that and never take advantage of their kind heart.


They have difficulty dealing with uncertainty


Being too dreamy in nature, they have trouble in dealing with troubles that confront relationships. They don’t take charge during tougher phases which is what can be very confusing and frustrating for a partner who is dependent on them.


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