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Add color to your wardrobe – Outfit essentials

Add color to your wardrobe – Outfit essentials

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Black and white is the ever popular color that every individual loves adorning, but a little bit of colorful accessories here and there can definitely add on to the look. From earrings, neckpieces to a stylish hairband, each of these accouterments can make a boring look go vibrant in seconds.
You might be thinking how a color can pump up your style and how you would know if that style suits you. So, to get away with your confusion, here are some flunkies to help you rejuvenate your wardrobe with small but important embellishments.

Opt for a legging

This is a colorful outfit that goes very well with everything, be it an Indian wear or a western. You can also mix and match it with other clothing and adorn an Indo-western look. There are different color options available for leggings from bright neon, subtle hues to printed and semi-transparent ones. Wear it instead of your trousers or denims and feel the upsurge in your comfort level.


It has become a common trend this season, be it any wear, a heavy and colorful neckpiece can turn the attention towards you. You can wear a bright and colorful neckpiece on an up-beat western wear or a light toned ethnic wear.

Bags, clutches and purse

Yeah we know how much you love a bright and stylish bag! Who doesn’t? But there are certain kinds of accessory holder available and it is your task to identify which one goes well with what. Heavy-large bags are good for outdoors and goes well with your denim and t-shirt or even a semi-Indian wear. Clutch, tote or a pouch goes great with saree or your ethnic wear, a satchel or a sling bag is great for both morning and evening dress.

Wear a sunglass

You might be a fan of those black or semi brown shades but now-a-days there are different colorful sun protectors available in the market from, aqua green, crimson red to different shades of blue. Wear them and add the much needed color in your eyes.

Carry a scarf:

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It is a great accessory and is liked by many women these days. Not only are they stylish and give an extra touch to the outfit but is also a multi-utility auxiliary. Tie your hair into a pony tail with it or cover your head when in sun, both ways it will turn into a style statement.

Jackets or sheaths

There is a common notion that jackets are only great for winters, but the truth is, it equally is great for every other season. It comes in different forms, a shrug or a cotton sheath and is a great add on to the outfit you are wearing.

Other accessories

There are other accompaniments like the earrings, shoes, belts, headgears, bracelets and rings. They go well with different outfit you wear. There is no hard and fast rule to wear all of these but each has a characteristic of its own when accompanied with the apparel you wear.
Nobody says to follow a fashion trend blindly but why not give it a try? You might not know how good you could look in the process. So, go on give your wardrobe an accessorized makeover.

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