Arranged Marriage: A safe gamble perhaps!

Arranged Marriage: A safe gamble perhaps!

Arranged Marriage: A safe gamble perhaps!

Arranged marriage vs. love marriage! Both the ways are widely accepted in modern Indian society, in India as well as outside of India, but there is a slight cold tug of war between the superiority of these two marriage approaches. Although love marriage is the most preferred mode of marriage today for gen x and their guardians, arranged marriage is no way obsolete. However, the slant has been quite a bit improvised, courtesy dating sites and matrimonial alliances.


The short film “Arranged Marriage” in a nutshell

Arranged Marriage: A safe gamble perhaps!

This short film is a fresh video on this age old dispute and has added some fresh input on the concept that similarity between two in a marital knot is not that inevitable to be a happy couple. This 12 minute 7 second –short film is a sweet approach what will let you ponder over the issue and obviously with slight partial support for arranged marriage you will be reconsidering your idea and appropriateness of an organized marriage!


The conflicts finely superimposed

Arranged Marriage: A safe gamble perhaps!

There is no big drama or intensified climax in this short movie: it is based on simple conversation between two adults where a man has come to meet a lady on an arranged marriage proposal. At first instance, we start wondering how prosaic is the approach and how sharp is the contrast between these two people planning to get married!


Characterization: we can identify both the characters presented

Yes, the director has blended sensitivity, tinge of ego, and flavor of feminism in the female character here, and in contrast the man seems to be little bit confused and straight in his approach, but as the story progresses we will find that both of them are gifted with a sense of respect for each other and a fine line of balance is coming between them, which ultimately leads to the happy ending of the meeting. The duos decide to get married and the arranged marriage takes place.


Watch the whole video here:


The message that we take home

The entire story is told on a flashback mode, and we found last that the couple is enjoying their first marriage anniversary. The man looks happy and contended in his wife’s charm and the lady is happy with the man she has married on her parents’ arrangement. The morale: arrange marriage is perhaps a better option for this calculated risk (called marriage) and you don’t need to be similar in taste and choice to be a happy couple.

The smart short movie provides good entertainment no doubt but it has a social message too. At the last the director has displayed a small note for viewers that in Indian society 90% marriages are still done by arranged marriage and the rate of divorce is 5% in these arranged marriages.

We don’t want to ignite any controversy here: what we need to probe into the root of problem that similarity between two life partners cannot make a marriage successful. Arranged marriage is a matured and family decided option so is a safer bait to a large extent.

We hope to get more such sweet and sour reel play from her creative genius in future!!



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