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THE BEST HAIR STYLES such as bobs, waves etc…

THE BEST HAIR STYLES such as bobs, waves etc…


Most of the women keep asking if they should get bangs. The most effective way to make our features look at their best is to use contouring. But to me, the most important thing that could make a difference to your face is the haircut. Your entire look can be totally changed by a single snip of hair.

Short Hair Styles Guide
Some small changes in short hairstyle can determine how old you look. One has to know that it’s styling that contributes more to older look than the short hair itself. If you embrace the natural texture of your hair, the liveliness in hair can be maintained. Two ageless short haircuts are ‘pixie’ and bob’, which if styled in the right way, can be very flattering. It’s also important to avoid excessive use of hair products.

  1. The textured Bob

Perfect for older women, a short bob will hide thinning and bring some texture to the haircut. To add volume, you can use a hair spray after blow dry. Add tousling waves in your hair with a curling iron, twisting hair in random directions. This will make your hair naturally curled.

  1. The Blunt Bob

Wear a straight bob and volumize it with mousse. Apply it when the hair is damp. Use a round brush to lift up the hair in a blow dry session.

Long Hair Styles Guide

  1. Subtle Soft Waves


As much as it looks complicated, styling this type of hair comes easy. Short waves in long hair look extra attractive. Ideal for this type of look is an oval face cut with medium texture hair. It complements long faces and the long layers appear their best in softly curled waves.


  1. Funky and Emo


All the rage this season is emo and being funky. Cut top layers really short; leave longer strands around the face. The overall look is trendy, funky and unique. This look is most suitable for people with long straight hair. Tell your hair stylist to cut layers extra short at forehead. This look complements oval face shape.


Medium Hair Styles Guide

  1. Golden Stack


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Many Indian actresses have been wearing this style. The long bob, which is shorter at the back and longer at front, can look even trendier if you stack it a little low.

Styling is easy. Apply a styling gel and then using a round brush, blow dry the sections of your hair. Use serum to smooth out.

The face cut most suitable for this hair style is the wider with low density hair.

 bob frisur hairstyles

  1. Laurel


There’s no variation in the length of hair front to back. The slight waves look ravishing as the layers are shorter from back and longer at front. To style, curl hair strands farther away from the face. Using finger, make the curls lose. Finish with a hair spray. All wider face cuts are suitable for this hairstyle.


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