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Best Skincare creams for Indian skin

Best Skincare creams for Indian skin

Best Indian Skin Care Creams: What Suits Your Skin?

Countries in different continents have a different atmosphere and so, there the natural skin color also differs. The skin issues also vary in the same sense. They demand extra and special skin care treatments for skin’s health and beauty. In India the natural skin color is Tawny. Despite the abundance of trees in the country overall, there are several regions that are excessively exposed to water, noise and environmental pollution. So, many a beauty and skin care products not work as fast as the others do because of the type and amount of ingredients used.



What works best for Indian skin tones?

Best Indian Skin Care Creams: What Suits Your Skin?

For Indian skin tone, several brands have developed different Indian skin care products at competitive prices. These products belong to not only the local and Indian national brands but also to the some very famous international brands. These products are widely used by men and women not only in India, but also in the neighbor countries, such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

What are the various brands available?

Best Indian Skin Care Creams: What Suits Your Skin?

The main focus of the products of these brands is skin whitening. Therefore, we find several Indian Skin Whitening Creams in India. Some of the very famous skin whitening creams in India are Nivea, Garnier, Himalaya, Olay, Lacto Calamine, Ponds, etc. and above all L’Oreal. These brands also offer skin care products for other skin issues, such as skin aging, acne, wrinkles, and dark spots.

What about herbal brands?

Best Indian Skin Care Creams: What Suits Your Skin?

Indian skin care products market is also stormed with many herbal creams, especially the Ayurveda skin care products. A majority of people use these skin care products to cure their skin problems.

Himalaya is one of the very famous brands in this regard. It provides a wide variety of skin care products from skin cleansers to skin whitening creams, sunblock, and lotions. For lightening skin, L’Oreal, Ponds, Lotus, Jovees, and Body Shop are very famous. Their international standardized unique skin care products are great because of their impacts in the Indian skin tone. These brands have developed skin care products, especially for Indian skin tone. That is why they are a strong competitor of the national Ayurveda and herbal skin care products like Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials, and even Patanjali products.

Our Recommendations for best indian skin care creams


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Upon conducting a careful review on the performance of the products, we suggest the following products are the most effective in different skin concerns for Indian skin tone.

  • In the category of anti-aging products, skin care products of Himalaya, Ponds, L’Oreal, Olay, and Garnier are the best.
  • For skin whitening, L’Oreal, Lacto Calamine, Olay and Ponds are better than the other local products.
  • For other skin issues in Indian skin tone except the acne, L’Oreal is among the top brands. For acne, the local Indian Ayurveda and herbal creams, such as Himalaya herbal provides products focusing on deep skin cleansing and purifying it in order to avoid and cure acne.


Overall, we analyze L’Oreal as one of the best brands in India, which is strongly competed by the Kama Ayurveda and other local herbal brands like Patanjali which is on the cheaper side.

However, it cannot be said with cent percent surety whether L’Oreal is the best for you or other products because every skin is different and varies in needs. Visit the skin experts and let him/her analyse what works best for you.

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