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The Dilemma of Size Zero

The Dilemma of Size Zero

The Dilemma of Size Zero

To have a perfect, sexy figure is the inherent desire of every woman and it is good to eat healthy but in the recent few years, we have witnessed an obsession with size zero or the “model figure.” Whether it is a fashion ritual that is being ardently followed or a complex that is propelling not being happy with your natural body. Whatever may be the reasons, young women are struggling hard to get that
“standard figure” depriving their body of the essential nutrients and creating severe health issues. So let’s evaluate the reasons for taking this weird challenge of losing weight to a drastic level.

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Blindly following the Fashion: Many women are not confident about their beauty and figures. They see a Bollywood actress or model and want to be like her. Every woman is beautiful in herown way, you should not be obese to a point where you can have hypertension and have diseases but should not endeavor to be super slim. A woman’s body needs essential nutrients not only for her survival but the baby that she might nurture inside her. So whatever tips you will be using for illogical weight loss are likely to have a negative effect on your future family life.

The deadly Diet Pills: If you think diet pills are a cool way of suppressing hunger without any side effects, correct your facts about them. No hunger controlling medicine is without negatives and once you are on these pills you will feel dizzy, thirsty and insomniac. This is the reason various weight loss pills have been banned and physicians do not prescribe them except for the treatment of obesity. Do not play with your life by using any advertised weight reducing medicines, instead take healthy diet with less calories.

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Valuing others’ Perception about you: Many women diet to get the size zero figure just because their boyfriends or husbands want them to look like a celebrity. You should be happy with the way you look, stop valuing others’ perception if you want to lead a happy and healthy life. If someone really loves you he will not ask you to change yourself, this is the basic requisite of true love. Have you ever thought about changing the guy you are in love with? No, rarely so value yourself instead of what people say and think about you. It will make your life wonderfully easy.

Eat Healthy, stay Happy: The key to a balanced lifestyle is that you eat healthy, nutritious food. Enjoy all the blessings of life, stay happy and contented with whatever you have instead of desiring for something you don’t have. Embrace life with a positive attitude and you will see everything around you will be beautiful. Most importantly love your true self, do not try to be someone you are not and make people adore the real you. You should trust yourself, your looks and abilities. Do not fall victim to any complex because of your chubby figure, stop looking yourself through others’ eyes.

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