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Even that little sugar increases the risk of 45 health hazards 

Even that little sugar increases the risk of 45 health hazards 

sugar intake damages health
sugar intake damages health

Too much sugar makes you sick – but a new study has now determined how many health risks the love of sweets actually entails. And: According to researchers, this is how little sugar is allowed every day… 

A US-Chinese research team has uncovered 45 good reasons to reduce your sugar consumption as much as possible. Her research confirms again that added sugar in particular is associated with numerous health risks. Among other things, this led to the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to limit sugar consumption to less than 10 percent of daily calorie intake – i.e. a good 200 sugar calories. 

Analysis of 8600 sugar studies 

The team reviewed a total of 73 meta-analyses totaling 8601 studies involving both adults and children. The researchers assessed the methodological quality of the articles and ranked the evidence for each finding as high, moderate, low, or very low to reach their conclusions. This is a so-called umbrella review. To explain: Umbrella Reviews look at previous studies on a topic and offer an overview of all available information at a high scientific level. The results were recently published in the specialist magazine BMJ.1 

These health risks are associated with too much sugar 

The review provided the researchers with clear evidence that sugar consumption is associated with a total of 45 health problems, including many serious illnesses. Below: 

high blood pressure 

Heart attack 

7 different types of cancer including breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer 








Which foods pose the greatest risk 

The researchers conclude that drinks sweetened with sugar in particular are associated with dramatic health risks. Studies show that cola and co. are associated with increased liver and muscle fat accumulation. According to other studies, just one glass a day (250 milliliters) is enough to increase the risk of coronary artery disease (CHD) by 17 percent and the risk of premature death by 4 percent 

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Fructose is also harmful 

The researchers also point out that fructose (fruit sugar) is just as problematic for health as table sugar. A single apple is healthy – but if you puree several apples for a smoothie or consume them in the form of juice, the fructose content is unnaturally high. Another study suggests that every additional 25 grams of fructose per day (100 milliliters of ready-made smoothie contain about 12 grams) increases the risk of pancreatic cancer by 22 percent. 

So few teaspoons of sugar is ‘allowed’ according to researchers 

Based on the current study situation, the scientists therefore recommend eating no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar (25 grams) per day and limiting yourself to one glass of cola or lemonade per week. To illustrate: This corresponds to approx. 3 cookies, a portion of chocolate pudding, a large handful of fruit gums, a cup of cocoa or two children’s bars.2 This does not include the hidden sugar in supposedly savory products such as salami, bread and ready meals. According to researchers, anyone who relies on unprocessed food, primarily cooks for themselves and uses sugar as a kind of “spice” can expect improved health after a short time. 


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