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Fighting for your dream will help everyone!

Fighting for your dream will help everyone!

I believe that if you really like someone or something, if you have a passion, then you must really go for it 100% in order to achieve your goals.

I am one of quite a few Indian girls, who already had to experience a lot in a relatively short live due to our society where man think they can d everything to women, including the worst physical and psychological harm one can imagine.


So now I am writing you this from New York where I moved and now live, despite all what happened. I live far away, seven seas from home, fulfilling my dream to live in this great city, to work in fashion – fashion, my great dream, my big passion.


Many Indian people like me tend to adapt to the western culture in terms of fashion, lifestyle and technology. But, why we are still not adapting to the western culture in terms of gender equality, in terms of women’s rights?


India is actually going through very disturbing times. On the one hand we have bright people, smart engineers and great artists. But, when rape, acid attacks and domestic violence are part of our daily lives and happen every day, then it is not a modern time we live in but it is definitely a Dark Age.


Some people might say, I exaggerate, but I know, due to my personal life circumstances that it is TRUE.


Don’t you girls agree with me? Do you really feel safe walking down the street after 9:00 pm in India? If you are on your own? Or do you prefer to be with a bunch of people or a guy?


So stop saying that India is a rising star.


If India is rising it may be related to technologies, to business – but in the long term no technology, no business will last or is sustainable if the people are not rising with it. Watching Hollywood movies, listening to new released music as well listening to official statements by our government we might think, ok gender equality is there. But when it comes to daily life in Indian streets, it is obvious that we are still behind.


I believe we can be a rising star if we manage to combine our traditions with western culture. Why not taking the best out of everything? Why not combining two great cultures together and create a new one, a culture that is fresh, new and brings light and happiness in our lives – and to the Indian nation.

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Being a woman, I feel we Indian girls and Indian women could be stronger than we actually are. If we could combine our Indian culture and rituals with our dreams, with our passion, with western mind setting, we do can rule “the world” – at least our world.


It is all about what you make out of you and your dreams, your passion, your ideas – but you need to fight for it, you need to go for it 100%.


by MoniCa Singh



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