From Penthouse to Bollywood – Sunny Leone

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.41.12 AM From Penthouse to Bollywood – The Story of Sunny Leone

“Bollywood is one big family business”, says Prahlad Kakkar – India’s greatest Ad Guru who is popular for letting the cat out of the bag than his work in the Mad Ad world. Yes he is right. Bollywood is a film industry that is run by a few powerful families. Each year star kids make their grand entry into the world of glitz and glamour claiming to have achieved their cherished dream. Mommy or daddy doesn’t do their bit in lighting their rockets. That’s the job of “adopted” godfathers like the Khans and Kapoors.

If there is anybody has paved her way to fame into Bollywood without any struggle or public tantrums it is Sunny Leone. To participate in the reality show Big Boss was more like a blessing in disguise for the damsel. For the first time Leone was seen on Indian television as a contestant when the country hardly knew anything about her.

Sunny Leone aka Karenjit Kaur Vohra was born to Sikh parents who had immigrated to Canada for greener pastures. What followed after an Indian upbringing, school and college was Leone’s single minded pursuit towards fame. She joined the porn industry as she found it lucrative. She was even named the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and took the adult entertainment industry overseas by storm.

Now India’s dedicated reality show viewers found the truth both baffling and alarming. “Haaw” and “What the hell?” were the honest reactions. Some sect protested to shut down the show Big Boss considering it non-suitable for families or children (well when was it one?). Also there were men and women who loved this curvy babe (especially after checking her website) and supported her in the show. They also found her in the best of her manners and far more courteous and polite than the other contestants. After all we live in land where Anna Hazare might be a flop but Sunny Leone is a hit. Incredible India isn’t it?

Learning the fact Leone has touched Indians hearts, a ‘brilliant’ idea struck Ekta Kapoor’s and Pooja Bhatt’s heads almost at the same time – to welcome Leone to Bollywood. Both women are known for making movies that portray eroticism with the most bizarre and awkward scripts. Ekta Kapoor gladly thought she would be doing a great favour to the country as she believes that ‘India is a sex deprived nation.’ And so came Jism 2, Ragini MMS 2, Ek Paheli Leela and few more.

No doubt Sunny Leone is gorgeous and knows how to keep up her public image. There is world of difference between her and item girls like Rakhi Sawant. She is known for her professionalism and has learnt to attract eyeballs even to a show like MTV Splitsville by not just shedding her clothes but by adding some melodrama in a firangi accent. Oh! Did I forget to mention Leone owns a company SunLust Entertainment that has successfully produced many adult movies?

Yet Bollywood fails to embrace this woman whose has been a fascination to men. Besides her international fame and appeal the ‘creative people’ of the film fraternity has failed to team her with an A-list actor or roped her into a high banner production house. Despite her knowing the tricks of the trade she doesn’t seem to fit the bill. If her acting skills are a problem then let’s not forget names like Himesh Reshamiyya and Mallika Sherawat. What say?

Its Leone’s reputed past that haunts rather halts her climb up in Bollywood. She has not been casted with A-list actors, not even for an item song, because their wives find it insecure. B-town’s most eligible bachelor, Salman Khan keeps his distance as it would tarnish his mass appeal and his movies wouldn’t be considered family entertainers any more.

This is true colour of Bollywood that one wouldn’t find while having ‘coffee with Karan’. Documentary, short films and mainstream movies are released every year that boasts about women empowerment and sexual freedom. Movie makers have opening called the Censor Boards as ‘cancer’. While it is cool to watch Deepika Padukone making out but to watch Leone in seductive lingerie is no-no. Guess Bollywood needs to grow up.

Leone could be another face of women empowerment as she didn’t build her career from her rich grandmother’s closet rather it is an outcome of immense hard work. As of now she rules the B-plus world of the industry and carries her film without much need of a leading actor. Her Bollywood journey would be a tragic story if the industry is asking her to put a cloak on her past. Despite the laurels she has acclaimed Leone has to swallow the fact that her origin country isn’t mature to accept porn stars as entertainers. They are considered as prostitutes.

In reality porn stars are not prostitutes and they are definitely entertainers worthy of respect in every sense.


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