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How healthy you are can be gauged by the shine and texture of your hair. Dull and lifeless hair says a lot about your overall general health too. Hair care is as important as care for any other part of our body. In today’s world many factors play a major role in the deterioration of the quality of our hair.

Stress plays havoc on the quality of your hair. Other factors affecting quality of your hair can be your eating habits, pollution, excessive chemical usage, use of heating equipment’s like blow dryers, hair straighteners and curlers. Healthy, shiny and voluminous hair can enhance your appearance on one hand and it also gives you a boost of self-esteem and confidence. Like the cherry on the cake, it gives you the happiness and good mood you need to be ready to move.


Physical and mental stress leads to hair loss but it is reversible, once stress is removed, the shine in your hair will come back again. So try to reduce stress by getting enough sleep, exercising more often and take life as it comes. If you associate your hair loss with your stress cycle, you can consider consulting a therapist.

  1. A balanced diet, including vitamins and minerals and healthy oils is necessary for healthy shiny hair. Instead of junk food like burgers and pizzas, make a habit to include walnut, spinach, sweet potatoes, bananas, yogurt, almonds and blueberries in your daily diet. Meet your requirement for protein, zinc, vitamin and minerals in your body.


  1. Exposure to pollution in modern cities damages hair, making it dry and dull. Use of regular shampoo and conditioning just cannot fight pollution. Use a scarf to protect your hair from harsh sun rays, it doubles as a style statement too. Also, you can use leave-in conditioners that gives protection from sun. Steaming your hair weekly with a hot towel after hair wash opens up pores and hence increases blood circulation.


  1. Chemicals used in shampoos, conditioners, dyes and other hair styling products can be harmful if they are used in excess. Be aware of the ingredients of the products you are using. Few chemicals commonly used in shampoo like benzyl benzoate, parabens etc. are known to be linked to skin irritation and even cancer. Always wash your hair properly so that no strains of shampoo are left on the scalp. Do not use conditioner on the scalp. Try to use natural products like curd and eggs for conditioning.


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  1. Like nails, hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Heat damages the hair structure, kills its moisture and can damage them permanently. Try to use thermal styling devices like iron rod, hair straighteners, hair dryers only if required. You can use heat protectant products before thermal styling to reduce the heating effect on the hair.



  1. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is weaker than dry hair. Detangle your wet hair only with a wide toothed comb and only if necessary. Also, try not to sleep with wet hair.

The way you style your hair defines your personality, so gear up and have a healthy life style for healthy hair.


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