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In a country which is obsessed with beauty, having a round face may seem like a curse from the gods. Fear not! There are a lot of hacks one can try in order to make one’s face look slimmer. People who are fat or suffer from thyroid problems generally tend to have bloated faces. Also, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep your face will bloat up unnecessarily. Before we get to the tricks it is important for you to ensure that you have a healthy diet and get regular exercise. Having a bloated face can sometimes just be a symptom of a bigger problem as well. It is a sign of thyroid, cholesterol, pregnancy, blood pressure, water retention or simple weight gain.

Now let’s get to the tips and tricks shall we?

  • Makeup

The first and most obvious choice in terms of making your face look slimmer is makeup. The way to do this is by using concealer/golden powder to highlight your cheekbones. There are multiple tutorials available online for this particular trick. You can use variations in terms of brands of products available in India.


  • Haircut

Haircuts are highly responsible for defining your look. They can make you look chic or they can make you look shabby. They can make or break an outfit as well. When choosing your haircut you need to be very careful and your decision must be based on the shape of your face. Contrary to popular belief people with round faces are not bound to long hair for life. Long hair can make you look older and it can also give you a shabby look, if they are not maintained. Short hair which frames your face can give you a much slimmer look and make you look younger and cheerful.


  • Hair styling

Sometimes the reason your face looks bloated is also because of heat from your styling devices. When you blow dry your hair or straighten it the heat from the blow dryer or straightener tends to make your face bloat up. Choose blow dryers which have a cold dry setting, in order to prevent your skin from heating up.


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  • Allergies

Sometimes, it is beyond makeup and something may be wrong deep inside which might make your face fat sometimes. Watch out for foods that make you feel fat. Take note of when you feel that your face looks bloated and compare notes to see if there are things in common. These can be places you may have visited, foods you may have eaten, or something you might have applied on your face.


Having a slim face can give you an overall slim look. People with round faces can try these tricks in order to avoid looking fat or bloated.


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