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Healthy recipes for kids – delicious veggie burger!

Healthy recipes for kids – delicious veggie burger!

Healthy recipes for kids - delicious veggie burger!

Healthy recipes for kids -  delicious veggie burger!

The biggest challenge ever faced by a parent, is to cook a healthy meal to their kids. Pleasing kids with healthy foods can be considered as the most tedious task face by any parents. The hands of the children automatically stretch out for junk foods and unhealthy eating options, which create concerns for their parents with regard to the health and fitness of their children. As the main priority for children is fun and enjoyment; breakfasts, lunches and dinners take a back seat, which in turn deprives them of their required nutrition and nourishment, essential for their growth and well being.

Thus bringing into focus these areas of ‘food’ concerns, healthy recipes for kids have emerged as the savior to enable the parents to succeed in providing nutrition fruitful for the holistic growth of their children. It is a fact that burgers are often considered an unhealthy and a ‘weight gaining’ option to be kept at bay from the children. But when healthy recipes take over the charge of converting ‘calorie’ filled burgers into ‘healthy and nutritious’ burgers, and then even children find it hard to resist their temptation.  For instance, ‘Broken Wheat Veggie Burger’ possesses the ability to squash away all the worries and a concern of the parents linked to their kid’s eating lifestyle.


This recipe is an ideal combination of taste and health. Loaded with proteins and calcium, this recipe is all set to revamp the eating habits of children and introducing them to the tasty world of health and fitness. This ‘easy to prepare’ recipe also cuts down on the extra time, which is generally taken by the parents to impress and pamper the ‘choosy’ taste buds of their children. This recipe is filled with every ounce of nourishment, enjoyment, fun, innovation and satisfaction; which is both linked to the children as well as to the parents feeding them.

Best enjoyed by…

As we all know that, burgers are best enjoyed by the lively youth of today. There goes no second thought in substituting it with anything common or outdated. Even the adults can enjoy the best of their children’s world through this healthy snack, which is power packed with the essential nutrition for growth and development.

The Recipe:

  • To prepare the tikkis, all we need is a 1/3-cup of cooked broken wheat, a small bowl of different and colorful veggies, boiled and mashed potato, green chilies, chopped coriander, freshly ground black pepper, 1 tsp. oil, and a little salt to taste.
  • Other ingredients would include a few sliced onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomato ketchup, lettuce leaves, whole-wheat burger buns and cheese slices.
  • To begin with, mix all the ‘tikki’ingredients in a bowl, divide them equally into the desired number of portions and shape them by flattening the rounds to prepare the tikkis.
  • Heat up some oil in a non-stick pan and cook the tikkis till they appear brownish in color.
  • Split the burger buns into two and toast them in a griddle or in an oven. After applying ketchup on the toasted buns, add the other ingredients as per your preference.
  • Freshly prepared ‘Broken wheat Veggie Burger’ is ready to entice your children.



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