How to Add Meatless Meals to Your Diet


Meat consumption in India is the lowest of all Asian countries. Though Indian people rarely feed on red meat, or go after recipes that are entirely focused on meat. However, despite the meat-ban in many Indian states, people still are steak and meat lovers. Frankly speaking, India is a liberal society giving valuable freedom to its citizens. So let it be.

Apart from this ban thing and all, let me tell you that red meat isn’t even a healthy choice. It promotes the likelihood certain cancers development. Once in a while would be fairly fine. However, excess utilization would have nefarious effects on your overall health. Specifically, if you opt for processed food rich in red meat.

True that, red meat is stuffed with significant proteins and vitamins necessary for efficient working of human body. But, many studies suggest that it supports the increasing chances of deadly diseases.

The bet is to serve meat less often. With drastically changing lifestyle, it’s high time to cut red meat out of our diet. Not a big deal. Variety of foods are available that can easily make up for proteins and vitamins. Let’s replace the red meat step by step.

Start Smart and Small:

Cutting red meat, in no way means, is to give up impulsively. Because your body might not accept the change so easily. So, don’t be hasty. Instead, switch to lean red meats first and then cut back on the quantity you take per week.

For the first week, remove 1-2 days of red meat and keep on adding one day in each coming week. Eventually, red meat will be out of your diet completely.

Substitute High-Protein Stuff:

You know, on average, each individual needs 50-100 calories of protein daily depending on the everyday food containing 2,000 calories.

Hence, for the days you abstain yourself from red meat, you can add tofu (bean curd-common in Asian cuisine) and soy (edible specie of legume native to East Asia). Poultry and fish also contains high quotient protein; perfect red meat alternatives for winters.

A Plate of Leafy Vegetables:

On your meatless days, it’s brilliant to fill your plate with dark green leafy vegetables and legumes. Half cup of legumes (navy beans, lentils and black beans etc) delivers your daily dose of protein. In addition, half cup of leafy vegetables will help you to fulfill your daily allowance of vitamins A, D E and K.

Add up Multi-Vitamins:

As you decide to stop eating red meat, multivitamins is another way to keep your body’s required nutrients balanced. Multi-mineral vitamin is undoubtedly a premium selection for good health. However, it’s recommended to consult your health practitioner and better not to take any supplement at your own.

Increase Calcium Content:

Red meat isn’t all about proteins or vitamins. Be cautious, as you start to cut down the red meat intake, your body will start to lose calcium as well. For stronger body and bones, feed on calcium-rich alternatives including milk, pasta and almonds etc. winters here so, why not to go for sardines that flooding to Mumbai’s fish markets now.






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