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Get Your Skin Ready For Winter Spell

Get Your Skin Ready For Winter Spell

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Winter-proof skin is an undeniable need during badly-behaved winters. Dryness will hit you hard as the moisture leech out through your skin. Brace yourself and do not allow anything to suck moisture out of your body. Not only the exposure to cold outside but the overly-heated rooms and hot showers can also dehydrate your body leaving behind dry, scaly and itchy skin.

It’s high time to evolve your beauty desk. See how you can do this.


Oiling is your scalp’s ultimate guard. The trinity of dandruff, dryness and itchiness emerges right when you let the guard down. Do not get lazy and oil your hair for at least 20 minutes prior to each wash. Not much fond of daily bath? Oil and wash your hair with one-day interval. Giving your scalp a gentle oil-massage will boost the blood circulation, and hence support the healthy hair growth.


Swap your summer cosmetics with winter-friendly products. Tinted moisturizer is a good exchange for foundation. For instance, e.l.f tinted moisturizer SPF-20 for light to medium skin tones. It will give you well-hydrated face plus anti-aging sun protection.

BB cream is another good pick. Pro Longwear foundation also works great during winters because once settle on dry face, it will prevent your facial skin from further dryness. Lakme Fruit Moisture and Garnier Nourishing Cold cream are finest choices for facial skin moisturizing. I prefer using Nivea Moisturizing Care Lotion.


Hands usually start to feel little tight and tense in winters. Like face, hands are the most exposed part of human body and can easily lose the moisture. Keep small bottle of moisturizing lotion in your handbag and use it every so often especially after washing your hands.

I would suggest you to use Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion for dry hands. It’s non-greasy and absorbs fast to help you rid of parched hands. I love its cocoa radiant formula for healthy, glowing and fresh skin.


Moisturizing full body is a necessary evil. Like me, many of you will admit this fact. For the best results, apply body oil or lotion as you come out of the shower. After bath pores are opened and skin becomes primed to best absorb the moisture applied.

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Essential oil (argon, coconut and olive etc) is also an appreciable pick as it features time-delayed moisture release. It’s good for night use. But, for day time I would suggest you to apply Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion that’s clinically proven to restore moisture back to your body skin and locks it there to purge the dryness caused by cold weather. Its quick absorbing action will keep your cloths clean.


Like the face and hands, your feet also demand humidity to heal and foster cell generation. Treat them with kindness. To avoid dryness and cracking, every night, slather your feet with any glycerin based humectants or petroleum jelly. Massage a little and then wear cotton socks to prevent slick from spreading to your clothes and bed sheets. This is an overnight cure.

Vaseline Intensive Care lotion contains petroleum-jelly droplets to give your dry feet a good moisture boost. Well-hydrated feet will always look dewy in dry winters.



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