How to pick the good colors to wear

Have you ever asked yourself about the color that suits you the best? Yes, I think daily we spend more than half an hour picking what we’re going to wear. The toughest job for every one of us is to choose the best colors according to our skin tone. There are many people around us who spend a heavy part of their money on clothes but they still don’t have a sense for color matching. If you have a tan skin tone, there are some ways for choosing appropriate colors to enhance your beauty.

Cool Colors (Aqua, Grey and Baby Pink):

People with tan skin tone should avoid wearing very dark colors. Stop over loading your closet with black, purple and shades of brown. You can have more gorgeous look in a very light shade. In summers, go for some floral prints with light shaded backgrounds and plain tank tops with red, black or blue jeggings and palazzos. These colors will add brightness to your whole look. Now come to the winters, we always love to load our closets with dark colored coats, sweaters and jackets. These colors bring dullness. Instead you can go for an aqua and pink jacket with jeans and colored shoes and you will have a whole new look.

Dark Shades (Black, Violet, Green and Brown):

These colors are a big NO for people with tan skin tone. If you will go for a single dark shaded dress, your look will be unimpressive. It’s really difficult to distant yourself from colors you like but just add them to your closet wisely. Avoid a black gown, saree and skirt for a formal look. You can use these shades in the lower part of the dress and the upper part which will reflected through your complexion should be lighter or a perfect combo of both shades.

Mixing Sharp shades with light ones:

There are some people who love sharp colors like red, green and yellow but they can never wear these colors just because of their tan complexion. There is a suggestion for them, just mix the colors and go for a best suitable color combination. Add a little white with red and yellow for summers, wear a light shaded scarf on red shirt and you will manage to look good even in red. Purple and baby pink is a perfect combination for young girls. Add some light shaded sequences, laces and motifs to your dark colored formal dress to increase your elegance.


Remember, you are not a model or fashionista who manages to look good in any color. Do experiment but do it wisely. The right mixing of colors and selection of appropriate shades will increase your beauty.

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