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Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Respect?

Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Respect?

Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Respect?

Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Respect?

Falling in love is perhaps the best feeling in the world. Being into a relationship is another best thing that can happen to your life. But being in a relationship that makes you feel bad about yourself?


Yes, we always talk about love. We dream about our prince charming. We long to be in love with that special one who will turn our world upside down, will sweep us off our feet and take us to a dream world of perpetual happiness. And then we finally meet that person, feel butterflies flying like crazy inside the stomach and thus, we bite the apple. Cupid strikes our tender heart with his most powerful but invisible weapon making us nothing but a hopeless romantic. Before you realize, time flies by. Then comes a point where you start feeling that something is not going right. Something is happening that is not written in those fairytales. Something is eating you up from inside.


Find out if any of these is happening to you 


  • He laughs at your dreams:

Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Respect?

The first time you tried to share your dreams and aspirations with your guy, he looked away. Next time, you tried to talk about what you want to be in life and he laughed like he was told the best joke of the millennium. Now, your dreams have become his private jokes.


  • Says you are a loser:

Yes, whenever you two have a fight and he is on the verge of losing it, he screams saying “you are a loser.” Or, maybe, he mockingly sings to you “you’re such a loser.”


  • Always puts you down:

It seems belittling you is the ultimate aim of his life. His every throw-away remark is meant to diminish you, make you feel worthless. Whether it’s your opinion about current politics or what to order for dinner, he never fails to put you down.


  • It’s always his way or highway:

Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Respect?

As he is so convinced that you cannot take a right decision or make a good choice. (It’s just that he never realizes that the joke is on him in this case.) So more than a girlfriend, you are more supposed to act like a faithful dog wagging its tail to whatever its master says.


  • Praises other women in front of you:

“How gorgeous that girl looks!” “Look at her, such a beauty she is!” “Why don’t you get some grooming tips from that lady?” are some of his comments about other women around.


  • Hardly compliment you:

Is Your Relationship Hurting Your Self-Respect?

Of course, he never finds a reason to compliment you. Actually, he never wants or tries to find a reason.


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  • Verbally abuse you:

Yes, just the moment you defy him, he starts firing. If confronted, he brushes it off saying it’s just a habit or you are overreacting.


  • Make fun of you in public or in friend circles:

Whether it’s an office party or friends’ get-together, he just waits for the right time and right chances to start making fun of you in front of everyone. You protest and you are a spoilsport.


If you have been into any of these situations, consider this article as an alarm. You are into a relationship that is doing no good except hurting your self-esteem and making you feel less worthy. It’s time to think about it and make a move before it’s too late.



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