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Know if he misses you based on his Zodiac!

Know if he misses you based on his Zodiac!

Know if he misses you based on his Zodiac!

Now it is easy to know whether he misses you. Well, if not definitely at least assumedly. All you have to know is his zodiac sign and that will help you understand the kind of person he is, his mannerisms, his behavioural patterns and everything (let’s say almost everything) that there is to understand with regard to him missing you.

Know if he misses you based on his Zodiac!

Each zodiac has an exclusive way of realising their own emotions and an equally special way of expressing the same. Which is why, you can’t expect your man best friend to vouch for the expressions and feelings of your crush or your date. You’ll see that there is always a pattern that is akin to an individual and you will in fact learn to get used to it in time, if not in the initial stages of the dating phase.

Another most important factor is your intuition. While the beliefs of your friends or your family members might not truly be able to vouch for your date’s feelings towards you your intuition often can. Never ignore your intuition but at the same time take a look at these specific behavioural patterns corresponding to the following zodiacs that are common for when they are supposedly missing you.

Have fun reading and let us know if you could relate to anything that follows, in the space below this article provided for comments from you.


You’ll know an Aries is missing you when they text you all of a sudden or let’s say calls you to ask how you’re doing. You’ll find them commenting on your display picture from a long time ago. They might try to appear very casual in their approach at reaching out to you but the fact that they are, is proof enough that they are missing you.


They’ll drop you a message with regard to something really silly, like for instance “I forgot the name of your puppy” or “what was that place you said you had bought your denim from?” They’ll try to come across as though they are initiating casual conversation and not flirting.

They just want to make conversation. If you see them appear in your university out of the blues, they’ll act surprised to see you as though they had come around to meet another friend (who believe me doesn’t even study in the same university) If anything like this happens then know that you’re being missed by Taurus.


Gemini will beat around the bush trying to figure out whether you’re doing during the weekend, hoping for you to raise the question of catching up. They’ll hint at how bored they have been feeling lately and have been looking for a way to rewind, so that you may quickly discover yourself as the saviour!


Cancer will write you an extremely long and detailed text message expressing how much you mean to them. They will pour their heart out to you and share their thoughts, leaving nothing hidden. This is when to know that Cancer misses having you around.

They will expect you to appreciate their honesty and desire you to be as vulnerable as they have become to you.


Leo will keep questioning you about your relationship status. If they’re missing your presence you’ll find them raise the question of whether you’re still single whether you were or not, the last time they had asked. Of course they want to get involved which is why the inquisitiveness. They’ll get jealous if you mention somebody else you find attractive, to them.


Virgo will put a lot of effort into seeing you or making plans with you. They will try to make time out of their busy schedule to include you. They might even go to the extent of rearranging their schedule just to spend time with you, provided they’re missing you and you matter to them. So don’t ditch Virgo in the last minute because you never know they might have left everything behind just to watch Beauty and the Beast with you.


Libra will literally stock you and be all over the place in your social media, starting with hearting all your pictures, to viewing your status updates and commenting on each one of them with something utterly sweet. Their messages to you will contain numerous love emoticons and that is proof enough of how much they are missing you.


Scorpio will share story updates with you from the day, they won’t stop texting you until you tell them that you need to go to sleep at let’s say 3 in the morning. They will still ask you whether you’re really sleepy.

Mind you if they’re drunk – they will call you in the middle of the night to ask you to go out with them. They’ll say “I miss you and I can’t wait to see you”. They’ll be very clear about how they feel when drunk.


They won’t flood you with texts or endless calls. They are a sign with patience. Sagittarius will wait until a special occasion to text you or call you because they have waited for the perfect moment to jump in and make their move.

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So if Sagittarius texts you out of the blues without a long spell of contact then know that they are missing you, especially if they keep the conversation going.


Know if he misses you based on his Zodiac!

Capricorn will text and expect you to say you’re missing them. If Capricorn misses you, you’ll know it. They’ll be flirting just too much and drop hints about what’s going through in their heads but they will look to you for reciprocation. If you don’t then they will gradually take a back seat. They won’t express rightly what they feel unless they are sure that you will be excited to know it or you feel the same sort of way.


Aquarius may send you a song or the lyrics to a song or even perhaps a long poem, which they either wrote with you in mind or that which reminded them of you. The fact that Aquarius makes the effort to send you something that reminds them of you or something that they think you would enjoy, such as a meme or a joke only says that you’ve been running through their mind.

So the next time you receive too many interesting stuff from Aquarius in short intervals, know that you are being missed.


Pisces will pull out inside jokes from the past to trigger affinity in order to feel secure about your intimacy. Pisces will ask remind you of a beautiful memory and lead you to relive it by asking you whether “You remember that evening when…?” It is just another trick to have you miss them as much as they have been missing you – by reminding you of good times and making you realise how spending time with Pisces was indeed pleasurable. Be careful for they can read your mind and hence will resort to various kinds of psychological manipulation without your realising it.

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