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What to Do When a Leo Man Ignores You?

What to Do When a Leo Man Ignores You?

leo male done with you

It is not easy keeping up with a Leo man. As generous as he is, sometimes his ego gets the better of him. Or sometimes your actions might hurt him so deeply, that he would shut you off. Or maybe, he has just lost interest. Whatever be his reason, it is difficult to get out of a Leo man’s to-be-ignored list. If you are struggling with getting his attention back, astrology is here to rescue you. The Leo male is easier to figure out than you think. You just need to know the right things to do and say. And lucky for you, I’m here to give you the advice you need.

when leo man ignores you

When a Leo Man Ignores You What Does It Mean?

It is a little strange for an extroverted Leo male to stop talking to anyone. There has to be some really strong reason behind this. Learning about the reasons behind this can help you through your dilemma. Even the most mature Leo man has a sensitive ego. If he is becoming distant, it could be because you wounded his pride. Can you think of any incident that might have hurt his feelings? You might have to dig deep into your memory. It could even be something you thought was nothing. He also needs attention from those around him. Have you been ignoring him lately? I’m not saying you are to blame. But if you haven’t given him enough attention, he will return the favour. If it is difficult for you to give him the attention he needs, try talking to him about it. Explaining the situation will help you in the long run.

He is fiercely loyal to the people he loves. If you have hurt someone, he cares about that too can elicit a cold shoulder response. Try to make amends with this person. If that is out of the question, talk to him about it. Make your case. A temporary hold on a conversation with you could be because you bored him. Men of this zodiac sign need things to be interesting all the time. Don’t pressure yourself into trying to please him all the time. But if he doesn’t seem interested in a conversation, then better not pursue it. The last reason has a lot to do with him than you. Leo men tend to ignore an aggressive woman. Their own domineering nature makes them dislike someone who seems to want to control them. He often needs space from people like that.

Leo Man Not Responding to Texts

 leo man not responding to texts

 What we have discussed so far is him ignoring you in person. But what to do when a Leo man is ignoring your texts? Let’s start by not going paranoid. It is possible that he is just busy. Often time we open a message but aren’t able to respond immediately. So, if he hasn’t responded to one text, that is nothing to be worried about. It’s a different matter if he is constantly not texting or not calling. But don’t text him incessantly. Badgering him with texts, asking, demanding or requesting him to respond will backfire. He will easily lose interest in you. It will be tough to restrain yourself from that. But don’t do something that will not help.

Think about it in his shoes. What would you do if you were in his place? How do you think he would respond? It is best to not act on your impulses and act rationally. Don’t let him know even if you are desperate to talk to him. The ball is already in his court. If you let him know how worried you are about being ignored, he will use it to punish you further. He should know that you care, but aren’t dying for his attention. Finally, I advise you to exercise patience. This is not something that you can control. At least not his response. If he really has a feeling for you, he would text you eventually.

What Should I Do When My Leo Man Is Ignoring Me?

Now that you know what could have made him ignore you, let’s move to the next step. What to do when your Leo man is ignoring you? Begin by giving his needs more attention. If a lack of attention is what led you to this place, then this is the most obvious solution. Even if lack of attention wasn’t your problem, this will help him realise how much you care for him. Don’t rush to apologise to him. If you rush into his arms and start apologising, it won’t help. Right now, he is a whirlpool of emotions. His response to your apologies will not be rational.

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Express your emotions through actions. If you feel like you can’t sit idle while he is angry at you, then act. Don’t use words and apologies to get him to talk to you. Instead, do the things that will make him happy. This will eventually bring him to the table. Let him be the first one to break the silence. When a Leo male truly cares about someone, he can’t avoid talking to them for long. Once his anger has subsided, he will try to re-establish contact. And finally, when that happens, don’t be cocky or rude to him. Try to resolve the issue in a mature manner.

When Is a Leo Man Done with You?

 leo male done with you

 Are you worried that he is ignoring you because he wants to end things? Well, that is a genuine concern with this man. But him ignoring you isn’t the only thing that indicates that a Leo man wants to break-up with you. Here are some other signs that will help you identify what he really means. Has he lost interest in everything about your relationship? It is one thing for him to ignore you. But does he try to avoid you? Does it seem like the relationship has become too much for him? Think before you answer these questions. If you constantly hurt his ego then that might be a deal breaker. I have seen many women who unknowingly are always embarrassing their partners in public. Start by not humiliating him in front of others. And you don’t have to constantly remind him of his weaknesses or faults.

Chances are he would let you know if he doesn’t feel the same way anymore. Leo men aren’t shy about their feelings. Especially when they are not interested anymore. If he feels like your relationship won’t work, he would let you know. There won’t be any ifs or buts about it. Have the confrontations increased? Another sign of a Leo man losing interest is an increase in fights. The issues that he approached mildly, will now be approached with a lot more anger. That will be him lashing out because of the hurt you have caused. Not engaging him in these situations is the best thing to do.


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