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Leopard eye makeup – get glamorous and bold

Leopard eye makeup – get glamorous and bold

Leopard print is something every girl is going crazy for. In recent times leopard print has left an impression everywhere from home decor to clothes and accessories. We can see young girls and even aged women creating a style statement with leopard print curtains, cushions, tops, bottoms, gowns, handbags, belts, shoes etc. Well, after covering every aspect of fashion, the leopard print glam look has now become the new fashionable trend in beauty and makeup. A little of leopard print can go a long way.

You too must have desired someday to wear a leopard look. Well, now you can do that easily with this bold leopard eye makeup. With this eye-makeup you don’t need to worry about your clothes and accessories much. A simple outfit with basic accessories can make you stand out in the crowd, if you have this killer leopard eye makeup on your eyes. This glam look is just perfect for an evening party with friends, a disco night out or even a cocktail party.

You need:Leopard

  • Brushes: Concealer brush, small shadow brush, medium shadow brush, large shadow brush, brow brush
  • Eye shadow: Sheer gold, fiery orange, coral
  • Lid primer
  • Liner pen
  • Bright pencil liner (soft teal)
  • Jet black mascara
  • Brow powder
  • False eye-lashes (optional)
  • Intense coral lip satin
  • Shimmery lavender lip gloss


Step by step procedure to achieve the glam leopard eyes:

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  • Use a concealer brush to apply lid primer to the eyelids and lower lash lines. This will increase the life of your shadow and prevent creasing.
  • Sweep a sheer gold shadow over the brow bone with help of a large shadow brush.
  • Apply a fiery orange shadow from lash line to crease using a medium shadow brush
  • Sweep a coral shadow into the crease, blending the gold and orange together seamlessly
  • Apply gold shadow along the lower lash line using a small shadow or smudge brush.
  • Use a liner pen to line the upper lash line only.
  • Using a bright pencil liner, line the inner rim of the eye. A soft shade of teal would do.
  • Apply a generous coat of jet-black mascara to the upper and lower lashes.
  • Use a liner pen to make leopard spots on the lid. Start by making small spots along the crease and draw larger spots as you move outward. Draw the spots as if you were drawing parentheses – ( ). Draw them thicker as animal prints are by nature imperfect and not equal in size.
  • Perfect the brows using a brow brush and brow powder. The look will get enhanced with clean brows.
  • If you wish, apply false eyelashes.
  • It is very important to fill your lips with a color that enhances the overall look. Use an intense coral lip satin to line and fill the lips. Apply a contrasting shimmery lavender gloss on top.


That’s all. With these twelve easy steps you are ready to walk in style with a leopard eye makeup. Go out and enjoy!

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